Old School

My Parents around 1966 or 1967

My Childhood home



My paternal grandparents…John Reid Martin (1904-1993) and Christine Sparks Martin (1916-2007)  This picture was taken in 1988.

August 20, 1979

This is my stepmother Susan with my brother Josh in 1980 at a shoe repair shop in Germantown, Tennessee.    Besides the big glasses, it seems as if Susan has not changed or aged in 33 years.  Susan has been the spiritual backbone of our family since her conversion to Christ, which also happened to be the same year as this photo.  And yes, that is a Dukes of Hazzard t-shirt I am wearing, which just so happens to be the greatest TV show ever.



This is my Mom at my Wedding in 2001.  In this photo she was 56.  She died six years later in 2007 unexpectedly from 2 massive strokes.

Hope G. Martin – September 7, 1944 – July 25, 2007  – Hebrews 11:23

This is a rare photo.  I rarely remember my two grandmothers together, but in July of 1995, this shot was taken at my Grandmother Brooks’ house in Albertville, Alabama.  Sitting is my paternal grandmother, and standing with me is my maternal grandmother.

This photo was taken in the fall of 1979.  Needless to say, I really took the 70’s seriously.

My father and I in 1977

School Photo, 1984

My brother Josh and I in the summer of 1992

This was the average sanctuary crowd growing up at Bellevue Baptist in Memphis.  Now take what you see and multiply it by three, because they had three morning services.  This photo was taken sometime in the early 1980’s

Destin,Florida – September 1996

My Brush with death – February 16,1998 (Fayette County, TN)

Fall 98

2 thoughts on “Old School

  1. Awwww… these pictures are great! Thanks for sharing with us! I love the fall ’79 picture best! It’s so cute!

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