Thievery – 04.03.16

empty-swingExperiencing (And Embracing) the Theology of Thievery

“Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” – Matthew 10:28

Oh how things in this life can be taken from you! Your spouse could be taken from you through the snare of an adulterous relationship. Your precious children could be taken from you by heinous actions of kidnappers or child predators. You could be cheated in a business transaction, or even robbed of personal possessions through various avenues of thievery. You could even become a victim of identity theft. Your reputation could be stolen through character assassination. Your words could be stolen by way of plagiarism. Your property can be taken from you by the state to designate a bird sanctuary or to build another highway. Your freedom to worship God could be snuffed out under the banner of political correctness. Even basic personal freedoms could be stripped from you by the iron fist of an unbridled government. Man could even cut out your tongue in an attempt to stifle your speech for God. Then, they might even slice off your hands so you will quit writing about God.  And when it is all said and done, you might even lose your life for the cause of Christ and the sake of the gospel. But there is one thing that cannot be taken from you. It is your soul.

The soul is the one thing mortal man cannot touch. They might be successful in destroying the body, but they cannot kill your soul. Eternally etched into the foundations of time is the saved soul. Ephesians 1:4-5 says, “He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before Him. In love, He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will.” Before the foundations of the world and the hallways of time, the believer’s soul was firmly framed and cemented in God’s covenantal love. It is a union with God that cannot be removed, cracked, busted up, challenged, amended, or annulled.  It cannot be stripped, shaken or destroyed.  The Christian’s eternal security is forever anchored in the stable rock of God’s unfathomable and everlasting love.  The sands of time and the waters of this temporal world cannot destroy God’s covenantal love for His children. Dear Christian friend; what a glorious thing to know that our souls has been forever stitched into the tapestry of God’s eternal love; a love that will never unravel, snag, or fray!  You can be robbed of much by the hands of men, and he can strip much from your possession, but his grubby hands will never gain access to your eternal soul.

But this understanding can be expanded to God Himself.  God cannot be taken from you dear child of God.  Whether you are locked in a cage, or exiled to a barren land, God is forever with you. No matter what is snatched from your hands, you cannot be snatched from the loving hands of God. Man might rob you of your gold, but he will never rob you of your God.  Puritan author Thomas Brooks summed it up when he wrote, “Our God is a safe portion, a secure portion.  He is a portion that no one can rob you of.  He is a portion that no one can touch or take from you.  He is a portion that no one can cheat or spoil you of.  God is such a portion, that no friend, no foe, and no devil can ever rob you of.  O Christians, God is so yours in Christ, and so yours by covenant, and so yours by promise, and so yours by purchase, and so yours by conquest, and so yours by marriage union and communication, and so yours by the earnest of the Spirit, and yours by the feelings and witnesses of the Spirit, that no power on earth can ever pilfer your portion, or cheat, or rob you of your portion.”


34 thoughts on “Thievery – 04.03.16

  1. This passage is so true! It’s amazing to know that there are people out in this crazy world who try to kill Christians for their beliefs in God. In the end though it is just comforting to know that they can not take our souls from us. Just to know that we are in God’s unfathomable and everlasting love is so beautiful. It’s such a blessing to know that I am His forever and nobody can take me away from His unconditional love.

  2. It’s great to know that everything of this world we love can be taken from us in a instant, but that nothing can take our place in heaven. Also that God will never abandon us or replace us.

  3. It is a terrible to think about how many Christians have been persecuted for just trying to share the word. It is also is crazy how we don’t know if these things are going to happen to us, we just need to remember that God has a plan, and stay rooted in his word. It is comforting to know that God has a place for us in heaven the no else can take.

  4. Recently my preacher did a sermon in which he reminded us that God loves us. I try to remember this every day. God loves me even if people don’t. I am thankful that even if the world takes everything else. God has my soul!

  5. Many Christians get persecuted for their faith, but they still are strong and stand up for what they believe in. We live in a country where we can go to church without being in fear and a lot of times we take that for granted. We need to pray for our fellow Christains that are persecuted and keep trusting in God.

  6. I always found it amazing how the Lord has allowed me and others out of so many people to be hand picked and be able to know Him since birth. We are truly blessed by the Lord and everyone should know they have a purpose in Gods plan.

  7. Wow!!! Such an inspiring message!!! It’s so comforting to me to know that God has my soul and nothing can swept are me from his unconditional love. No matter what trials I may face, I know that I am His and nothing can take me from my Everlasting Father.

  8. The devil will try anything and everything to get us to fall. He touched every aspect of Job’s life in an attempt to make him stumble. All his possessions, family, and even health dissipated. Nevertheless, his soul was still untouchable and unshaken in the faith. Our soul is our anchor through every storm.

  9. It is amazing to have the knowledge that we can have everything in this world taken away. It is good to know this because then we don’t become too attached to our earthly things and we begin to look forward to heavenly thing and that nothing can happen that will take our seat in Gods everlasting kingdom.

  10. It is a heartbreaking thing that many Christians are persecuted for their faith, but it also reminds us to be thankful that we can freely share our faith here. We shouldn’t take this for granted. The other great thing to remember is that if we are truely saved God cannot be stolen from us by the devil! No matter how many difficult things and temptations we go through Jesus is ours if we accept him. Thank you for the amazing reminders, Mr. Martin!

  11. This is so true! We want clarity and God wants us to come closer and we need to realize that God has and will always be there for us and that He made us even before he made the earth! Wow that is so amazing to know that He loved each and every one of us to design and create us before he even made where we would live. Only God can fill our hearts sufficient enough and then our soul is complete, and once we have Him the greatest thing cannot be taken away; Him and our soul!

  12. It is such a privilege to be able to worship and attend church without having to worry about persecution. God chose me and that is an amazing thought! He has my soul! God has a plan for everyone and knows everything, we just have to trust in him.

  13. It’s great and comforting to have the assurance that God cannot be taken away from us! No matter how much people persecute us, they can’t take God from us. I think it’s so cool how after how far we’ve come in the medical field and technology, we can never touch the human soul. It can’t be taken from us or destroyed. Everything we have on earth is temporary and can be taken, but God is eternal.

  14. While our possessions may be stolen and our body broken, we will always have the love of our Lord and Savior. People may try, but they can never strip us of our immortal soul. Though we may be broken and distraught in this world, we will join God in eternal comfort in Heaven.

  15. as Gods children he will always love us no matter what we do or what happens to us.any man can try to hurt or torture us but we have our souls that will never go away along with Gods everlasting love.

  16. Everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for everyone of us. I am so thankful for Gods everlasting love. I am also thankful to be able to go to church and read my bible.

  17. I think it’s great that the devil can only do things to your physical body, but not your soul. As Christians we should always remember this, as we are tempted.

  18. God has many plans for each and everyone of us. The Devil is always there to tempt us and make us want to turn from God. We have to be strong and not fall into temptation like everyone else around us. The Devil is there to be a thief and tries to steal our soul away. We must pray and love God, and we will be good to go.

  19. Our souls are immune to all but God. No mortal man can touch us. We can take solace in the fact that God loves us and will protect us from the people who would do us harm.

  20. It is so amazing to know that our soul is untouchable. We are the only ones that have control over our heart and soul. We can always depend on God and that is so encouraging.

  21. The enemy will always try to distract us from our work for the Lord. We need to keep our mind sharp and stay focused on the Lord and his purpose for us. When we are feeling downs, we can remember that we have a place in heaven forever.

  22. It is so comforting to know that our souls are in Gods hands and that it is secure. Nothing in this world can steal our soul from God no matter what happens. Im glad that my salvation is not dependent on me.

  23. When God sent His Son to die for us, we were made able to be His. We serve an amazing God who showed His all powerful love through Christ. Praise Him that He is the one who we belong to, not others or even ourselves. He will always remain faithful.

  24. To know that we are safe in God and that no one can take us from Him is the most assuring thing we could wish for. Gods love for us is the greatest thing and He has saved us forever.

  25. It is hard to believe that God has a plan for each and everyone of us He has hand picked us to do his will whic is an amazing thing to have the privilege to teach the gospel

  26. I love how our souls are eternal and Satan can’t touch them. God has his hand on our souls. They are anchored to us.

  27. God has hand picked us all for a reason. We are protected by the hands of God. I believe everything happens for a reason and when Christians are killed it should make us want to openly rebuke the devil. The devil is here to kill, steal, and destroy.

  28. It’s such a blessing to have such freedom. I’m so thankful that God saved me. It’s so comforting to know that He’s in control of everything. Trusting Him is the only way to get through life.

  29. I love just thinking about how God saved me and no one else can harm my soul because God is protecting me. It’s so comforting. And we all need to just trust in God, that is so important as well

  30. So many Christians are persecuted for their faith. Sometimes we tend to take for granted that we get to openly worship God. We are protected by God and he won’t let us face anything to difficult.

  31. I think it is great how mo matter how hard people try one thing they can’t take away is your soul. No matter what you will always have God with you right by your side.

  32. We need to think about this more often because we need to understand that at any time our family and things can be ripped from us. But we need to live for God because our soul and relationship with God will last forever

  33. Knowing that anything can be taken from us is sobering but God in his love and mercy doesn’t allow our relationship with him to be taken away. He is showing us His love and mercy in amazing ways.

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