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9 thoughts on “Our Family

  1. Thanks for sending me the link to your blog. You have a lovely family. I’m sorry that we didn’t have more time to get to know each other at Hope’s wake and service. I think it is sweet that you included Annie’s husband, Jim Brooks in your son’s name. He was a good man. You did a beautiful service for Hope. I’m sure you are a wonderful minister.
    Love to you and your family.
    Hope’s first cousin

  2. What a blessing you have been to me! Many times I am not able to physically be in church but my heart longs to be there. Actually I should have stayed home this past Sunday. Laura was very concerned that I came. She had no idea how my heart longs for God’s word through your ministry. Your messages are biblically true. I know that God is using you in a mighty way. For me, you have lifted my spirit on many occasions. One of which was when you visited me in the hospital last year. Though you likely came out of respect for Laura, God knew that your outreach would include me. Thanks be to God for all of His many blessings! lesa

  3. I keep up with you through this website and so glad that the church is now out of the ground. I am praying that Grace continues to be a beacon in Chester County. As a charter member of this church, I am looking forward to visiting again. May God continue to bless your church and congregation.

  4. Thank you God for my one and only most wonderful grandaughter. My prayer is that she always stay clearly on the road back to God. My love always NANA

  5. Thank you for my son in law on father’s day. I am so blessed by God that he saw fit to provide such a wonderful husband and son in law and father to my grandchildren. Out family is blessed by his love, intergrity as a father and husband, and strong love of God. I love you Eric! nana

  6. Always refreshing to read your perspective on various things as you share God’s Word with integrity and promise. Today is yet rainy again, but, your post casts sunshine in my soul today. May you and your lovely family be blessed as you walk together in ministry. Thank you for sharing with us.

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