Risen! -03.29.16

stock-photo-christ-is-risen-easter-religious-background-262182902Christ Is Risen! 

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to obtain an inheritance which is imperishable and undefiled and will not fade away, reserved in heaven for you, who are protected by the power of God through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.” – 1 Peter 1:3-5

What is the greatest event in world history?  Well, let me begin by sharing with you what it is not. It was not the universal flood recorded in the book of Genesis that reshaped the geographical landscape of our entire planet. It was not the events that unfolded at the Tower of Babel which led to the development of our multilingual world population. In fact, the greatest event in world history was not even the birth of Christ.  So what was the greatest event in world history? It was the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

But why is the death and resurrection of Christ the greatest event of all time?  It is because through His death and resurrection, we can have victory over death, hell, and the grave (I Corinthians 15:55).  It is because those who trust in Him are buried with Him, and are raised to walk in newness of life (Romans 6:4). These are just a few reasons why the death and resurrection of Christ is the single most important event in all human history.  But it is also the bedrock of the Christian faith.   Everything about the Christian faith rests on the glorious truth that Jesus arose physically from the dead. You see, the crucifixion of Christ would have been just another crucifixion performed by the Roman government had it not been for the resurrection that followed.  The execution method of crucifixion was very common in that day.  But the resurrection of our crucified Lord made everything about this particular execution very uncommon.  Dr. Steve Gaines, pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis refers to the resurrection as “The Bibles greatest miracle and history’s most important fact.”  Ray C. Stedman, author of the book “God’s Loving Word” said that “The resurrection is not only the Good News; it is the best news imaginable.”

In our text, there had not been time to prepare Jesus’ body for proper burial.  The Sabbath had intervened and Jews were prohibited from performing any services on the Sabbath.  So as soon as possible after the Sabbath, Mary Magdalene along with Mary the mother of James and Salome (Mark 16:1) set out to perform this task.  You have to admire the devotion of these ladies.  Oh, how they loved Jesus!  Jesus deserved a proper burial, and it was the least they could do.  I am sure that it was not an easy journey to the tomb that morning. Can’t you just see them walking to the tomb downtrodden, discouraged and disheartened?  They had surrendered their life to Jesus Christ to follow Him, and now He was dead, and they thought it was all over. But little did they know that this morning would be the morning that their mourning ended!  As we read further in our passage, we see that it was an actual encounter with the risen Savior that brought Mary Magdalene from doubting to shouting (John 20:14-18).

I suppose that the old cliché “It ain’t over till it’s over” is true; for I am convinced that this is wise advice on how we ought to live out the Christian life. We must be careful not to try and put a period on a sentence. Instead, we ought to put a comma and let God finish it.  God is the author and finisher of all history; that is why it is “His-story.” Which brings me back full circle to my initial thought; the greatest chapter in history is the death and resurrection of His glorious Son, Jesus Christ.


38 thoughts on “Risen! -03.29.16

  1. This is so true Mr. Martin! We always think on Christmas, well this is where it all began wow this is a very important day!!!!! But we often tend try to not put ourself in Jesus’s shoes When He went through the resurrection because it is too painful. We need to relize that He was very truly beaten and mocked and how he bore all of our sins, shame, pain. God had to put Jesus in Barabbus’s place so Barabbus so he could be in Jesus’s place! We are Barabbas on that stage. Still Barabbus probably went on his way and didn’t even think twice about what had happened. He was just glad to be free and all his thug friends were happy for him. But he didn’t know what really set him free! It was Jesus! For if Jesus had not been crucified and resurrected we would still be in chains just like Barabbus and we would not know the great love and power of our Heavenly Father!

  2. Although Jesus’ death was very depressing at the time, can you imagine the joy they felt when he was raised from the dead?! I bet they were awestruck and filled with unbelievable joy. This is the most important thing that’s ever happened. Jesus died on the cross, was buried, and then was raised from the dead just so we can be with him in heaven! He took our sins away and bore them himself! That is true unconditional love. 🙂

  3. Jesus’ love is far greater than our own. He was able to give himself up on the cross to pay for our sins. We had no rights to be saved; however, Christ did it because he loved us. His love is unrivaled, and when we die we shall join him in heaven.

  4. Jesus paid the ultimate price for us and loves us unconditionally even though we have done nothing to deserve it. I agree that we shouldn’t put periods in the sentences about our lives and instead let God finish them for us because he knows best.

  5. Jesus’ resurrection shows His love towards us and shows us how nothing is greater than His love ever. Jesus paid the ultimate price and then raised from the dead unlike anyone ever, which proves his Lordship. I have always loved Easter for this reason like many other reasons (candy)!

  6. I agree that this is the most important event in the Bible. If Jesus didn’t die for our sins, we wouldn’t be able to go to heaven. I am very glad He did, and I am always grateful. I am glad we have a holiday to celebrate this, because it was definitely the most important event in history.

  7. Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sins. It is hard for us to imagine what he went through for us to go to heaven. Because Jesus was crucified we can join him in heaven.

  8. This is the greatest love story ever told. Jesus paid the price for us and died the worst death possible even though we were dirty sinners. It still amazes me that Christ did that for me and that still I mess up and stray away from Him. I also think it’s important to not take light of Easter and really focus on Christ bc the Lamb died for us not the bunny.

  9. I agree with everything that the article said and I believe this is the bedrock of our faith that triumphs over all other religions. Our savior is the only man who conquered death

  10. Watching Passion of the Chist has really put what Jesus did for us into perspective. That someone would go through all that for us is astounding. We don’t know how blessed we are.

  11. This is a wonderful example of true love. God gave us His only Son so that we could be saved. What more can we ask of Him? God loves us and wants us to be happy in heaven with Him. It is time to rise up and to become a believer.

  12. We are often desensitized to the death and resurrection. The fact of the matter is that was the single most important thing in all of history. Jesus defeated earthly death so we can defeat spiritual death, how amazing!

  13. Christianity is dead without the resurrection of Christ. It is the single defining moment for all of history; it is the climax of the world’s story. All of history points toward that moment, and that’s what we as Christians constantly look back to to remind us of why we’re here and what we’re doing. Without Jesus’s ressurection, we are nothing. Praise God that He did what He did for us!

  14. Silly Bunny, Easter’s for Jesus! Personally I believe that easter is a more important time then Christmas. I definitely believe that the crucifixion is the most important part in history because it affects the whole world and everyone in it. It amazes me and puts me in awe that Jesus loved us so much that he would die for us, but even the grave couldn’t keep Jesus!

  15. Jesus loves us so much. I can’t even begin to think about the pain Jesus went through for us.We don’t deserve to be forgiven, but He died for us anyway. I am so thankful for Jesus. He rose from the dead to prove to the world that he was the son of God.

  16. Easter is a very important day because Christ died to save us.even though we were sinful and didn’t deserve Gods grace and mercy He still died to save us.christs suffering was more painful than we could ever imagine.great message mr Martin 😊

  17. Easter is a great holiday. Good Friday is over looked on the calendar more and more each year, people believe it’s just a day we get out of school or work. It’s more then that. Watching the passion of the Christ has opened many people’s eyes. Thanks Mr. Martin!

  18. When Jesus was resurrected it really amplified his great love for us. Easter is a great holiday because it is Jesus’ resurrection that he defeated the grave and overcame death. but often times Good Friday is over looked but that is when he was beaten and mocked and when he was whipped for sinners like everyone of us and we need to recognize that day and event more.

  19. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He saved us, the world, from our sins. He died for people he had never spoken to or met. It is truly amazing how Christ did this. To me those 3 days must have truly tested the faith of the believers and when he rose, it showed that he can even defeat death. I thank God for sending Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to die on the cross for our sins.

  20. Christ shows us a love like no other. How amazimg is it that one day we will be in heaven with Jesus? We are nothing without Christ!

  21. It is easy to throw around the words “Jesus died for my sins,” but I often forget how much those words really mean. The Passion of the Christ was a really important and eye opening reminder that Jesus died a gruesome and horrible death for me. Jesus loved us so much he literally gave his (perfect) life for us. His resurrection is also a huge part of his love for us. God knows the big picture, and I’m so thankful I worship such a powerful, almighty God.

  22. I am with Moriah! The Passion of the Christ, even thought I’ve seen it before, was an eye opener and I think especially effective around Easter. Taking communion and experiencing Easter was totally different. Understanding all this can be hard. He actually lived a perfect life. Crazy. He sacrificed it… for His people. For us. It’s incredibly humbling. Seeing the love displayed on the cross inspired me to carry out that love for the people around me who, just like I do, need it desperately.

  23. Jesus did what no other person could have done He died on the cross to pay for the sins of his believers and his nonbelievers. That takes a lot to love the people who didn’t love him when he was on the cross and was saying forgive them father they know not what they do that takes so much to do that. In the movie the Passion it really opened my eyes to see what the crucifixion was really about because I have read the crucifixion story before and seeing the movie really opened my eyes to what it was really like.

  24. Jesus died for us because of his unconditional love for sinners. The Passion of the Christ was a huge eye opener for me and made me realize what are Savior really went through when he died on that cross. We’ve all read the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection but to see The Passion
    of the Christ showed me that Christ suffered way worse then I could ever imagine. It’s so exciting to know that one day Christ will return and all things will be made right!!

  25. Jesus showed his unconditional love by dying on the cross for our sins. Through the execution and resurrection we received mercy and life. I am truely thankful for His strong everlasting love for everyone. It is so easy for us to complain about the smallest things. Jesus endured the sins of the world on the cross and never complained.

  26. How amazing it is that he gave his life for us. He loved us so much he died for us. Even before he new us, he paid the price.

  27. The thought that God sent his only son to die such a horrible death for us is absolutely amazing. I can’t imagine doing that if it were my own son. We as sinners do not deserve anything at all the Christ has given us. Gods mercy if indescribable.

  28. I also agree that Jesus’s resurrection is the best thing to ever happen on this planet and it also proves that God is all powerful and can do anything because we think of death most of the time as the end but Jesus overcame the end.

  29. To me it’s so amazing to think about him much God and Jesus love us. I mean God sent his only son to die for us people who are sinners , and who spit in his face repeatedly. Jesus took the form of a man and went through the most vile punshment possible. He was put up on a cross which was considered a curse. He took all of that to save us people who still live sin lives even though we know better. His love is so amazing and I’m glad to know that he loves us so much

  30. I think sometimes it’s easy to just say Jesus died on the cross for our sins and not realize the importance of it. We need to realize the importance of that statement and meditate on it more often .

  31. It is unbelievable to think a person could sacrifice so much for us all. After watching the passion it gives you a real look on what type of pain Christ truly endured. I can never be grateful enough for His precious gift to us. This day is so special and I hope no one ever takes advantage of the amazing celebration that Christ is alive today!!!

  32. Christ suffering constantly amazed me, that someone would go through that much pain out of love for me blows my mind. It truly humbles me to think of that and it reminds me to live for Him each day.

  33. What Christ did is truly awesome. It’s so comforting to know that He loves me enough to suffer and die and pay the price I deserve. He’s the best.

  34. It amazes me that Jesus went through all that suffering and pain for all of my nasty sins. His love is so unconditional and I could not be more thankful for all that He did for me. After watching The Passion and seeing how he was beat and the way He died just breaks my heart. Then after watching that I had to tell myself that He wanted to do that He wanted to suffer for us because He loves us so much!

  35. I agree that Jesus’s resurrection is the best thing that had hppend to our planet, I am also thankful that we have set apart a day for us to recognize this.

  36. The resurrection of Jesus is not only amazing, but a comfort to all Christians. His sacrifice for us is something we all should stop and appreciate this.

  37. Christ rising is the best news we could ever ask for. He has given us new life by rising from the dead so that we can have eternal life in heaven. We cannot hope for anything better. We just have to remember to constantly thank God for His gift to us.

  38. It’s very easy to get caught up in the modern world with Easter just being about a bunny and Easter eggs and candy, but is so so much more. We need to remember that Easter is about the resurrection of Christ, and without it, we have nothing. No hope, no future, and no salvation. Jesus lived, died, and rose and that’s the most important event in history

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