My Prayers and Poetry

I began writing poetry in early 1992 at the age of 15.  In late 2010 I also saw the beauty of writing out my devotional thoughts as prayers to the Lord.  Here are a few…

A Prayer of Repentance and Restoration

“Oh heavenly Father, ashamedly I have found myself in the dark seasons hiding from You and pitifully sewing fig leaves together as if You are not present and not aware of my sin.  But nothing escapes Your gaze, and You know everything about me, even my innermost thoughts and deeds.  I feel so worn out and spent from traveling alone out in the far country.  My clothes are tattered and torn from the winds of this world, and my garments are nothing but filthy rags.  Graciously clothe me in robes of righteousness just as the loving father did his prodigal child.  Place the ring of unmerited favor upon my hand.  Restore me with Your unwavering love by throwing a feast of forgiveness for me.  Give me solace and rest for my weary soul, and allow me to come home and drink from Your fountain of grace.  I submissively yield to Your heavenly paternal authority without protest. Purify me with hyssop, just as You did Your servant David. Commission me once more on the road of righteousness.  Plant my feet on solid ground but and grant my feet traction upon any slippery slopes that might come my way.  As I travel the path You have mapped out for me, incline my heart to Your will.  May my ears be open to Your calling.  Open my eyes that I may see clearly.  Moisten my lips as I feast upon Your Word. Help me to taste and see that You alone are good.  I acknowledge that there is nothing about me or within me that is good apart from You.  I know that any evidence of goodness within the crevices of my life is only a direct reflection of Your good and gracious hand upon my life.  Thank you for Your good and restoring hand upon my life.”  – Michael Eric Martin; 01.14.2011

A Prayer of Dependency

“Most gracious and glorious God, thank you for your strong and sturdy back.  Your strength reminds me of how frail and fickle I really am.  When I feel that the weight of the world is upon me, remind me that it is your good hand that holds the weight of the world.  So as I cast every care and burden upon you, help me to find rest in you and you alone.  I do not suggest that I need assistance, for I need much more than that.  Assistance suggests that I can help or contribute, but I am totally helpless, and bankrupt before you.  Teach me that I need Your cradling arms throughout every season of my life.  I pray this in the strong sturdy name of Jesus, Amen.”– Michael Eric Martin; 02.15.2011

A Mealtime Prayer

“Eternal father, supplier of every need, and sustainer of all physical strength; we thank thee for this bounteous blessing spread before us.  May we not be presumptuous by assuming we deserve such a blessing, or that such a meal will perpetually be delivered to us.  Rather help us see this meal for what it truly is; manna from heaven.  We relish and cherish every morsel fed to us by your good hand.   But may it also be your good hand that pulls back our hand from committing the sin of gluttony.  We desire to make wise choices as we consume food for living, so help us understand that we eat to live, not live to eat.  Again, thank you for this generous portion from your garden, and above all, may we eat from it with a spirit of thanksgiving, and for your glory.  We pray this prayer in Jesus name, the true bread of life, Amen.” – Michael Eric Martin, 05.23.2011

Christ My Captain 

“Christ Jesus, please be my Captain. Just as You calmed the sea, calm the raging storms within me.  Help me to submit to thee like the Sea of Galilee. I am just a vulnerable vessel battling the waves and winds of the world. Though the waves are high, help me stay the course as I approach impending storms. Satan the great sea monster will do his best to toss my ship and throw me overboard. Yet help me know that You are my anchor, and that the rope of Your love does not sway in the wind.  It is secured tightly on the deck of grace. Fasten the straps of my life jacket and anchor my soul on the rock of eternal security. Though the voyage is long, chart my course through Your oceans of mercy. I long for your blood stained hands take hold of the helm of my heart and navigate me through the rough, uncharted waters ahead. You are my pilot, and You who provide the map and compass. Dear Christ my captain, steady my boat and bring me safe passage to salvation’s shore.” – Michael Eric Martin – 01.02.2012

Vinegar and Honey

Oh the glorious contrasts found within the crucifixion of our Lord…He was arrested so we could be delivered.  He was placed on trial so we could be set free. He was stripped of His clothing; yet we are clothed in righteousness. He was wounded so that we might be healed.  He was punished so we could be pardoned. He was cursed so we would be blessed. He was rejected so we could be accepted. He was thirsty, so we could drink from the eternal wellspring of life. He was given vinegar; we are given the honey of God’s Word. He wore a crown of thorns so we could receive the crown of life.  He suffered so we could be comforted.  He faced darkness so we would know light. He was placed into the oven of God’s fury so we could bask in the warmth of God’s mercy.  He was forsaken so we could be forgiven.  He conquered death so that we might have eternal life.  He died for us; oh that we would live for Him! – Michael Eric Martin – 03.04.2012


Body Parts

This is my prayer; that my face radiates the inexpressible joy you have made available to me. I want to have calloused knees and a soft heart; not a calloused heart and soft knees.  Soften my heart each day with the oil and wine of your Holy Spirit. Make my heart pliable to yours, oh Lord.  Humble me daily by keeping me on my knees with my nose in your Word. Moisten my eyes with the tears of your glorious salvation.  Create in me a clean heart oh God.  Help me to have dirty hands and a clean heart rather than clean hands and a dirty heart.  I pray that my hands are instruments for the up-building of your kingdom. Therefore I stretch out my arms in service to you, oh Lord. Help me be watchful of where I take my feet. Help me guard my brain by filtering my thoughts and my meditations through your Word. Cover my ears from the attractive cries of temptation.  Shield my eyes from things that would dishonor you. Put a gate in front of my lips so I would not speak out of a sinful heart. Rather, let my words drip with your goodness in praise to you. – Michael Eric Martin – 03.08.2012


A Prayer of Thanksgiving to the Master Weaver

My dearest Lord…you who are the Master Weaver…thank you for the recent bright colors you have chosen to stitch into the tapestry of my life story!  Through the years, you have seasonally padded my life quilt with layer upon layer of blessing. Some time ago, I asked you why You had chosen to weave dark threads into my life blanket. For it was always with ease I had received the silver and gold threads, but it was with difficulty I received the black threads. Oh but now I clearly see that the colorful threads are brighter because of the dark threads! And for that, I am forever grateful. And so help me to  submit to the needle in your Sovereign hand as I am fastened to Your quilting frame of grace….Amen – Michael Eric Martin – 07.16.2014


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