09.01.15 – Stuffed With Stuff


Stuffed With Stuff

“Then He said to them, “Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed; for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions.” – Luke 12:15

My wife Sarah is a school teacher, and every fall she recruits me to help her at the “fall-fest” carnival at her school.  One year, I ran the “dart and balloon” game.  Another year I did some sort of “bean bag basketball” game or something.  She has yet to do it, but I am waiting for her to try to recruit me for the dunking booth!  Such school festivals and carnivals have always intrigued me, for I find that they reveal what ridiculous creatures we humans really are.  For instance, I find it very fascinating how much money is wasted by the children on useless junk.  Maybe it is a ticket raffle or a game that calls for them to pay a fee, but they will do that activity over and over again until they finally win some cheap useless toy that is intended to be some sort of a prize.  And the irony of it all is the fact that the toy was in all probability purchased at a bulk rate at some dollar store.

Think about that; at such events children spend their every penny to obtain some cheap prize, a prize that will probably break before they even get home with it.  And if it does not break, the item will probably find itself in a garage sale within a year. It was a prize that only cost a dollar, but purchased by some naïve child for five dollars.

Now you might feel that I am being a little rough and possibly a little condescending towards children.  But it might be good for us to all look in the mirror.  May I suggest to you that we adults are not that different?  When adults shop, they oftentimes behave like children at a carnival and spend way too much on junk that they do not need in the first place, and they usually pay a lot more than what something is worth.  There is no doubt that one of the attributes of man’s sinful nature is the lustful desire for possessions.  Value matters not; we simply like to obtain things.  We like children, will blow money simply to accumulate more stuff.   Now obviously most adults do not see their purchasing habits from this perspective, but it might be good to start seeing things from this light.  Oftentimes I will joke with Sarah as we make a purchase of some sort.  I’ll say something like, “Yeah, this will be a great dollar item for our summer of 2018 garage sale!” My point is that we buy stuff we really do not need, and stuff that we do not plan to keep.

Do you have too much stuff? If you do, are you aware of the spiritual problems that it can cause? Jesus warned against greed along with any inclination to accumulate possessions. He goes on to say that the value of life is not based in material things.  We do live in a material world, and our society is stuffed with stuff, but we do not have to do the same. We are purposefully positioned in the world, but we are positioned in this world to be different than the world, not identical to the world.

Take inventory of your belongings, and see the truth that material possessions have no value whatsoever.  Adjust your purchasing habits, and make wise investments.  Don’t waste the money God has entrusted you with on needless junk.  This life is not to be treated like a game at a carnival.  Rather your life is to be an investment in kingdom things.

 – Pastor Eric


49 thoughts on “09.01.15 – Stuffed With Stuff

  1. This is very true. My family and I have never had a whole lot of money to do things with, but I could definatly get rid of some extra and not always spend my money on clothes and junk like that. And, we do live in a material world, and I hate that, but we as Christians must live in the world but not be conformed to it. I can’t stand when all people talk about is Instagram or TV shows, or other stuff. It’s ok, but not when it’s all you have in your life and you don’t spend true time with God. I chose to do other things sometimes and it ruins my day because I didn’t have my quiet time with God that morning. Thank you for pointing out a very true point Mr. Martin!

  2. I know my life is usually really busy and “stuffed with stuff” and God is usually not at the top of my to do list.i get so stressed out sometimes.i know that I need to put God at the top of my list.he is the most important part of my day.this was a great way to put this mr. Martin.

  3. This is very true Mr. Martin!! We are in the world but we are not of the world. We should try to resist the urge to be wasteful.

  4. I must admit I like to shop. This really makes me think about all my stuff. I should save my money and invest my time in doing more of God’s work. This will really make me think before I make a purchase.

  5. First off I want to say this message is so important for all humans of the flesh. We all are so greedy and selfish at times. I struggle with this a lot. I am always telling my mom I really want….. Or I’ll say something like, well, everybody has this type of phone, could I have one. But really I don’t need it. I just want to have it to look cool! I also complain a lot and I know I shouldn’t. For example sometimes I complain about my dinner. But then I feel guilty because I think about kids my age in Africa that have gone days, even weeks without food! And then I need to remind myself of how blessed I am to have plenty! I have plenty of physical possessions and especially spiritual possessions! First, I have a spiritual home. I also have a spiritual church. I also have a Bible and I am also allowed to pray! I just want to say greediness will destroy a heart and soul but generosity and humbleness will flourish a heart and soul!!! Great message Mr. Martin!!!😃

  6. I also like how you said we are positioned in this world to be different than the world! I just want to say Live Original!!!

  7. This is all very true, I have done this many times. That alothough was a long time ago. I would always beg my mom or my dad for something everytime we went some where, and when they would tell me no I would ask them to buy it now and I will pay them back later, and sometimes when they would do it, I would just go home, and mess around with what I got and then a week later lose it. After a while I realized that I needed to be more wise with my money so that I can use it for more important things. Now, I always set a goal on how muspch money I need to save, so I can have enough money to buy some that I actually need. I have a lot of stuff I will be honest and just tell you that, and sometimes I often think I have to much stuff and normally I will sell what ever I don’t want or don’t need, either online or in a yard sale. Here recently I have been thinking about how I could use my money to give glory to God and not buy me anything, but to mabey buy something for someone who doesn’t have much or giving money to charity or something because I know I have enough suff, but not everyone else does, I don’t have to worry about when my next meal will be or I have clean cloths to wear, when there are other people who do worry about that because they barley anything at all and I hope that what ever I decide to do will glorify God and will help some one in need.

  8. We buy things that we think are so great and a month later we don’t even know where to find that item we used to think was awesome. Things get old fast and we don’t realize that when we are buying things we don’t need. Greed is a sin a lot of people struggle with and as Christians we have to fight that sin and like Lacey said be in the world not of the world.

  9. A person’s life should not be valued by what he owns. As Christians, we should not put our focus into worldly possessions. Greed for “stuff” is a sinful nature and struggle for man. Happiness and contentedness do not depend on the here and now of this world. Instead, we should turn our desire to seeking The Lord. We should only find true contentment and peace through knowing our soul is secured, through salvation, by our Savior, Jesus Christ. No amount of earthly items can compare to this.

  10. yeah, this is really true. and I’ll admit I love to shop, I have so many things I buy that I don’t even use most of the time. and it’s important to not waste it on junk. I definitely needed to hear that.. thanks mr Martin.😌

  11. I really liked this message. I love to buy sports stuff for way more than they are actually worth.We have so much junk that we don’t need but we still beg our parents to let us get and the next week we just forget about them.Every time we get something new that we think we want it dose not make us happy or content.We find contentment and peace in knowing that Jesus is the lord and savior of our life.No “stuff” can amount to that.

  12. This is true in many ways, I will have stuff that I don’t even need or use, but when someone else wants to use it I will not let them have it and I will say that I a was going to use it. We have stuff we don’t even need its just there cause we want it to occupy space because it may have had value to us but not any more its just the pleasure of having stuff. I try to work better on not being so greed y and holding on but we need Gods help.

  13. This is true. Humans often focus on building humanly stuff and not spiritual crowns. We only focus on the few years we are on earth and not the eternity in Heaven.

  14. I have to remind myself daily that earth is just temporary and heaven is forever. Our lives should be much more than the things we have. God is one thing we will always have.

  15. We often clutter our lives with plans and stuff, taking away time from God. God should always be put first, no matter what you want or need!

  16. This is very true! I must say I have a weak spot for when I want to buy something I like in that particular moment, even though I probably will not use it again after sometime! We should focus on what we all really need. And what we all really need is God’s love and grace.

  17. I believe that we have too many things. Since we have too many things, it might distract us. This reminds me of when the Bible says we should sell all that we have and give the money to the poor. We should always put God before stuff.

  18. I completely agree with this blog post. We all as humans love to buy things thinking we are going to use them when we really don’t ever. I always say to myself that I will use something but it will always end up in storage or lost forever. We should not be like that and focus on what we really need in life, our Lord Jesus Christ.

  19. I agree completely with this! I always try to watch my spending and be resourceful because later on in life, how much of the stuff we think we need, will we actually need? Not to mention that we eventually won’t need any of it in heaven. This also comes back to idols, but that’s a discussion for another day. 🙂 Thank you Mr. Martin! 🙂

  20. This message is very true and speaks to me in many ways! Me and my family are trying to move, in order to do that we must get rid of some of the things that just sit around and take up space. We put them in a storage building or a basement or a garage anywhere where they are out of the way to make the house seem roomier. Just like in our day to day lives we have to take away some of the things that clutter up or take up room in our lives to make room for God. 🙂

  21. Mr Martin, I just realized that my post thing did not go through. But I promise that I did it last week! My internet must’ve not been working! I am so sorry!

  22. Anyway, I agree with everything said. Like I said in class today, people have so much stuff we tend to put that above what really matters in life which is God. Life on earth is temporary, things that matter to us now, won’t matter a year from now. But heaven lasts forever. Don’t settle for earthly things when we have treasures stored up in heaven for us!

  23. We as people lust for thing that are unimportant and are seen as idols if we enjoy them more them God.We should enjoy the things we have and not always want what others have.

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