11.24.15 – Pride


Baking the Bricks of Pride

“The Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built.” – Genesis 11:5

A key factor in the development of world civilization can be rooted back to a particular event recorded in the pages of the book of Genesis.  In the eleventh chapter, we come across the Biblical account often referred to as the tower of Babel. It records the fascinating story of how the various languages came about.  The population of mankind had greatly increased and multiplied upon the earth since the time of the flood, and men had become greatly concerned that they might become scattered across the land.  Motivated by this feverish fear, along with a strong lust to make a name for themselves, they began constructing a tower in an attempt to reach toward the heavens.  God was displeased with their prideful propaganda, and in His sovereignty confused their efforts by frustrating their plans.   He blanketed the construction site with verbal chaos and confusion.  Brick bakers and brick layers suddenly did not understand each other. Foremen and linemen were unable to communicate. Mortar mixers and tool workers were perplexed. They weren’t able to complete the tower simply because they simultaneously spoke different languages.  The construction was halted, never to be continued.

In that amazing story, we read that the Lord “came down” to observe man’s tower. This is a most intriguing statement.  Did the Creator of the universe really have to “come down” to observe what created man was constructing? Of course not.  God did not need to come down and see the handiwork of the sons of men, for nothing escapes His infinite gaze. When the Bible refers to God as coming down, it is an expression of His powerful presence.  It means that He is ready to act in a great and powerful way.  Throughout scripture, the action of God “coming down” is either an action of blessing (Numbers 11:25; Numbers 12:5) or an action of judgment.  In our story, God “came down” in an act of righteous judgment and caused the very thing that the sons of men were attempting to prevent; He scattered them across the whole earth (V9).

What a fascinating demonstration of the authoritative power of God! But the story becomes even livelier in light of a certain proverb.   In Proverbs 18:10, we read that one of the names for God is “Strong Tower.”  It says that, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runs into it and is safe.”  This means that in our Genesis text, it was God the Strong Tower who halted the construction of the weak tower constructed by frail and fickle men. And He did so because man was not created to make a name for himself, and God is never impressed by man’s feeble attempts to do so.  Rather God created man to magnify His great name.  The Lord will always cut us down to size when we try to do great things for ourselves rather than great things for God.  Because of our sinful tendencies, we try to elevate ourselves by constructing our own “towering” plans without consulting God’s blueprints for our lives. We are naturally inclined to be in the self promotion business.  We bake the bricks of pride and slap on the mortar of self-sufficiency, while trying to construct our own brittle towers.  And we do so all in a futile attempt to make our name great.  But God the Strong Tower will leave no room for pride, and will put us in our place by halting the construction of such towers.

Oh that we would people of righteousness that abandon our towers of pride and safely run to the strong and sturdy Tower of God!

6 thoughts on “11.24.15 – Pride

  1. We as humans have a tendency to do everything our own way and at our own time. We don’t inform God about anything we just do it. But that’s not how we should live. God is a mighty and powerful God who can rain his wrath down on us at anytime. We cannot become so full of ourselves and think we are the best and everything like that. God is the stronghold of our lives and we must lean on him for every situation good or bad. Yes things might not go exactly how we want it, but God knew everything that would happen. We as God’s children cannot stray from his word like the people who were building the tower of Babel. Thanks for this awesome message Mr. Martin!!☺️😊😋

  2. We should never forget that God is our ultimate ruler.we shouldn’t stray from the path he has for us but follow his guidance and not try to do everything our own way.agod is always in control and we need to stand firm in his word no matter what we are going through.the people who built the Tower of Babel all wanted different things and strayed way from God to sin.we shouldn’t be prideful but give God the glory in every good and bad situation.

    • When we try to do things our way without getting guidance from God, we mess things up. We must put our pride aside. We must remember God is in control.

  3. A lot of times we, being humans, have a tendency to let pride get the best of us. Let it be money, sports, or fame, a lot of times in those areas pride can get the best of us. We can sometimes have so much pride built up in us that when it come to making a wrong or right decision, and God is trying to help us we don’t listen and that when we normally choose the wrong decision. For this reason I believe that if that is us or someone we know we need to pray about it and maybe we can no be so prideful. I really liked this blog because it reminded me of what pride is and how bad it can be. I have a friend who has a lot of pride, and sometimes it can make him mean, so I will pray for him.

  4. The Lord saw that the people had built a city and were trying to build a tower for themselves. They wanted to build a tower large enough to reach Heaven. They wanted to make a name for themselves, because they wanted to be remembered. However, they did not do this for the right reasons, such as the glorification or lifting up of God. God wants us to do everything we do in our lifetime for His honor and glory.

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