11.17.15 – Rain

050713rain-620x413The Miracle Of Rain

Here is a devotional thought I wrote back in May of 2010 after heavy rains pounded West Tennessee…I thought I would share it in light of the rains we have received this week in Alabama…

“Sing to the LORD with thanksgiving; sing praises to our God on the lyre, who covers the heavens with clouds, who provides rain for the earth, who makes grass to grow on the mountains.” – Psalm 147:7-8

The first thing that I would like to share with you is the fact that you oftentimes hear me pray, “Thank you God for the rain that you have provided that waters your earth.”  But as of late, can I honestly pray such a prayer to the Lord, considering the floods that impacted our region?  My answer to that question is that I believe I can.  Thanking God for the rain does not mean that you are requesting more rain.  It simply means that you are thankful for the rain that God provided. God could have chosen to rain down coals of fire upon us, but by His mercy He chose to give us cool refreshing drops of water, and for that I am very thankful.

Secondly, instead of complaining about the recent flood waters, there is much to be thankful about.  God did not have to stop the rain Sunday.  It was an act of grace that the sun peeked through the clouds that afternoon.  You see, your perspective must be telescopic not microscopic.  If all you do is microscopically look at yourself and your own situation, you will miss out on the greater telescopic view of God accomplishing His purposes through the events of the flood in other people’s lives.

A third thought I have had has to do with God’s promise in scripture to never again destroy the earth by floodwaters, and this promise represented by the bow in the sky (Genesis 9:13-15).  I saw some real flooded areas as I drove up to Jackson Monday morning to make a hospital visit.  The swampy marshlands by the river on the east side of town were swelled like never before.  The farm across from our future church property was under water.  The area around the intersection of Royal St. and Hwy 45 close to the fairgrounds looked like a lake.   But all of these flooded areas were pale in comparison to what is recorded in the Genesis flood account; for the tallest mountain in the world was 20 feet under water (Genesis 7:20)!  I am certainly not trying to diminish the recent flood events in our area, for they are quite devastating and no doubt quite foreign to us.  But it would be good for us to see our recent local flood in light of the great universal flood of the bible.  By comparing the two floods, I was reminded of three things in particular; the awesome power of almighty God, how God keeps his promises to us, and the mercy of God.

A final thought on rain has been developed in my mind after reading a devotional on rain written by Dr. John Piper.  Rain is a miracle.  We might take it for granted, but rain is no doubt a miracle.  But we do not think about how rain drops reflect the awesomeness of God.  Think about it.  Rain is a great and unsearchable wonder brought about by God.  For instance, if one inch of rain falls upon one square mile, it is 17,377,536 gallons of water which is 144,735,360 pounds of water.  But God does not dump it all at once, for it would crush us.  God gracefully dribbles millions of pounds of water down in little drops.  And these drops have to be big enough that they do not evaporate, and yet small enough that they do not crush us. God in His awesomeness does all of this, simply by His word.

I want to encourage you to also ponder upon the topic of rain, and as you do so, ask God to teach you His great and mighty purposes.  And don’t just ponder upon rain; ask God to help you ponder on every area of life, so that you will develop a teachable spirit.

24 thoughts on “11.17.15 – Rain

  1. Rain is truly a miracle. It reminds of of God’s promise to Noah about 2,000 years ago that he would necer flood the earth again. God’s mercy rains on us day to day. Rain is something we should praise God for. I mean God created rain and like I recently said, it truly is a miracle. Even when it’s raining and sometimes it just won’t go away, praise God for everything he has done for you. Thanks for the awesome message Mr. Martin!😊

  2. This is a very great message! It is always great to be taught about something that you do not know. But we have to have a teachable spirit in order to be taught. We need to just listen and look at the nature God has put on this earth! Just like rain! It is mysterious, just like God! And this goes for every aspect of our lives! We need to have a teachable spirit for school, sports, home and every where we go! And most importantly we need to have a teachable spirit with God, because He is the greatest teacher we can ever have! Thank you Mr. Martin!😀

  3. Rain is one of many blessings God has given us that we do not deserve. It seems sad to think that most people see rain as an annoying part of life but is a miracle in front of us. We should love the rain because it is God’s love pouring down on us.

  4. I have to admit sometimes I complain about rain, but then I remember all the places that are dry and that don’t have enough rain. The crops don’t grow and the people go hungry. The people don’t have any water to drink and they die. We need water just to live. The rain also makes things new again. That is a great symbol of what God does for us. I also have to admit it can be fun to run in the rain. Rain can bring great joy or it can help you to rest better. I love to hear the rain hitting on a tin roof. We need to stop and think about what a miracle the rain can be.

  5. I’ve never thought of the fact that God could rain down burning coals on us instead of drops of water. Or the fact that he could let it all fall at once and crush us. God is very merciful. I do enjoy rain, even if it can be a nuisance sometimes. We have to always remember to have a grateful spirit. Rain is just another part of the beautiful picture God paints for us everyday. Thank you for the message Mr. Martin!! 🙂

  6. We should always give our praise to The Lord. He provides for us when we are in need, and answers us when he hears our prayers. God’s mercy provides for us in all circumstances. He gives things we do not deserve, because He is a kind and loving Creator. His marvelous works grace should be glorified and never taken for granted.

  7. I have never really liked rain, I would choose a warm sunny day over a cold rainy day any time. But I have never thought of it in a way of God to hurt us in any other way than when he did during the flood. We as humans need water to live and that is one of the reasons i believe God gave us water, but what if we didn’t have water? we may have food and other things to help us, but we will get thirsty and without water there is nothing to drink and we wouldn’t live. So I think that water is one of the best things God can give us.

  8. I have never really put too much thought into the rain. Now that I think about it, it is intriguing that God does not let all the rain fall at once crushing us. He made it the perfect size. I always look forward to seeing a rainbow after it rains. It reminds me every time of Gods promise.

  9. Rain always reminds me of the promise God gave to his His people to never flood the Earth the way he did when Noah built his ark. Everything God gives us is a blessing. Such as not dropping all of the rain at once. Instead it drops one by one so that each rain drop is its own.

    • I really like what Iva shared about the rain not being dropped all at once, but instead one at a time bc it’s special like that.

  10. I have never thought of rain or most small blessing at this angle. I need to be more thankful for the little things ,because most of the time if we didn’t have the little blessing we will never get the blessings. Most people think, oh its raining dang, they don’t think this rain will allow us to have water too drink.

  11. This is very eye opening. The rain something we should be thankful for and since it is the month of November or thankfulness, we should be especially good at this. The rain is something that is very powerful,but only to the speed at which it is given, which God so graciously chooses. This example shows that even the smallest things like rain can be used to show Gods glory.

  12. I often times think of rain badly because we cant do any games outside. This blog has helped me to think more telescopic instead of microscopic and to be more grateful of the rain and the many blessing that may seam bad to us but are really blessing. God is so great with how he makes the rain drops the perfect size, and also the rainbow is such a beautiful and such an amazing blessing of God and his mercy to not destroy us and start over because death is what we deserve.

  13. Wow. This brought me a whole new of way thinking about rain. It is a miracle, and we should be thankful for it. I’ll admit that that is something I take for granted. God has made so many things that keep us alive that we take for granted. And the best part, is the rainbow at the end of it all. To remind us of His wonderful promises. Thank you for opening my mind and eyes!

  14. I have always loved the rain. In the spring the rain makes everything new again, like a chance to start over. The Bible says that everything is made new. It comforts me and gives me peace.

  15. Honestly I have never really liked rain because i can’t go outside without getting wet😞 But now I am going to look at rain with a different perspective i am going to look at rain as a blessing from God to us😊 Because honestly we are sooo lucky to have as much rain as we do so the next time it rains i am going to try to look at the world in a different way!😃

  16. This post made me look a rain in a new way. It showed me, even though I might think that rain is annoying, that it comes from the Grace of God. Rain is such a blessing to us that way too many of us take for granted. I thank God for the rain and His amazing Grace.

  17. I have never really thought about rain this way! I have always loved the rain. It gives everything a new look! It’s kind like us, whenever we get saved, a rain of peace and comfort and love comes down upon us.Thanks Mr. Martin!!!

  18. I hate it when people complain about the rain. It is obviously a gift from God. If there was no rain, we would have no water and no food. It may ruin our plans, but we need it and God knows it, so He gives it to us.

  19. God is always protecting us. He uses rain to keep the crops we eat from dying and he uses it to replenish the earth. When he flooded the earth he used a rainbow to show his promise that he would never flood the earth again and that we can trust him in all areas of our lives.

  20. God gave us the rain as a privilege.we shouldn’t complain. Instead we should rejoice that God has given us something so special.rain replenishes the earth and all our crops and God has replenishes our lives.we should be thankful for what God has given us and be joyful even when the rainy days come.

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