01.05.16 – Head And Heart


“A woman named Lydia, from the city of Thyatira, a seller of purple fabrics, a worshiper of God, was listening; and the Lord opened her heart to respond to the things spoken by Paul.” – Acts 16:14

In 1992, the 6th of October was on a Tuesday. It is a day that will forever be etched upon my heart.  On that warm breezy afternoon while sitting at a picnic table on my High School campus, I surrendered my heart and life to Jesus Christ.  A particular friend of mine sat at the table with me and had just explained the gospel message of Christ one more time. He had been very persistent in sharing the gospel with me throughout the year.  Our first conversation took place in the spring on a hiking trip at a nearby state park. And through it all, this friend patiently prayed that I would eventually trust Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.  His labor was not in vain; for on that day, God removed the blinders from my eyes and I saw clearly the Gospel of Christ. I saw the severity of my sinfulness and the glory of God’s holiness. In that moment, all the seeds planted in the soil of my heart leading up to that point immediately began to germinate. It was the greatest moment of my life. God softened my heart with the oil of the Holy Spirit, and He enabled me to receive His free gift of salvation. My conversion experience was not my doing, rather God’s doing.  For out of His grace and mercy, He opened my heart to the truth of the gospel, just as He did for Lydia, the first European convert.

My story prior to conversion is not as extravagant as some.  There are those who were down in the valley of despair, a valley which God used for His glory to draw them to the clefts of a personal relationship with Him. Others traveled down the rivers and roads of depression, paths mapped out by our sovereign Lord to bring them to salvation.  But for me, I was a young man raised in church with the head knowledge lacking the heart knowledge. My problem was that I had never made that eighteen inches journey from my head to my heart. Before conversion, I had been a fairly good moral person.  I had even accumulated a large quantity of head knowledge about the things of God because church had become one of the primary threads in my life tapestry. Yet even with my impressive life résumé, I still was not saved.

Finally on October 6, 1992, a light flickered within me, and I saw things clearly.  I understood that even my good moral standards were rubbish in comparison to God’s standard.  I realized that I could never be good enough, wise enough, or even charming enough to obtain salvation for myself.  It was a free gift from God, and it was a gift because it could not be earned or bought.  My eyes were opened to my sinfulness, and my heart was opened to the truths my friend shared with me that day.  I saw the gospel message in a whole new light, a way that I had never seen it before. My cognitive understanding of the gospel had grown into heartfelt sincerity. The truth of the matter is this; I could have never comprehended the truth of the gospel until the Holy Spirit of God turned the light on in my heart.

It is sobering to know that up to that point, all I had was a lot of head knowledge about spiritual matters, but that I did not genuinely have the saving heart knowledge of Christ. But on that day, everything changed. This is not to suggest that everything since that moment in my life has been a bed of roses. Roses have thorns.  There still have been bumps in the road of life. But since that moment there has been an evident change within my heart. I no longer trust in myself to get to heaven, but rather trust in Christ for salvation.  Isn’t the transition from the head to the heart overwhelming?


22 thoughts on “01.05.16 – Head And Heart

  1. Salvation is not our own doing,but rather God’s doing. God is the only factor in us being saved,not by any sort of worldly power. God is able to use us as His vessels in order to save people. If we are persistent enough in sharing the gospel with others, we can truly make a change in their lives. These changes will open up new viewpoints to people that will allow them to understand the grace and glory of God. People need knowledge both in their head and heart to truly take God’s blessings into account. With their knowledge and understanding of The Lord, saved Christians can go on to spread their heart for God with the rest of the world.

  2. It is really important to put God in your heart. Our heads will try to convince us that things are not possible. We must believe with our hearts. There are so many things that we can’t understand. I think that is what it means to have faith.

  3. It’s always good to have head knowledge about Christ but that’s nothing without heart knowledge.as Christians we should share the gospel persistently and spread Gods love.we should use our head knowledge but it is just as important to spread our heart knowledge to others also.

  4. This is absolutely right. We can’t get to Heaven by ourselves. We need God. Nothing can pay for our sins except Christ’s blood and I’m glad He paid the price for our sins.

  5. We cannot save ourselves. We have to look inside our hearts and realize that we are sinful people. We can’t save ourselves. We need to understand that Christ is the perfect sacrifice and that we need him and can’t live life on our own. Jesus paid it all. 🤗

  6. :p sorry for posting on wrong thing at first also this is true only Christ can save us it’s not by our own knowledge of spiritual things but of our hearts “knowledge” of Christ. Thank you for this lesson

  7. Exactly! Salvation is only through God, not ourselves. And yes, head knowledge about our Lord is good, but it can not be all we have. It’s not about the “church” answers. We need to know God in our hearts. Our heads might tell us that God is impossible, but if we know in our hearts it is, then our minds will believe it too. Thanks Mr. Martin

  8. This is a great message and amuses people to ponder how it is so amazing that when God is ready for you to convert that it is the time! We are saved by God’s great gift not by our works! We can have all the heart knowledge we can obtain(religion) but if we do not have heart knowledge of Jesus( a true relationship with Jesus then we have nothing but lots of knowledge but we need a true relationship with Jesus to live and prosper and live eternally with Him!

  9. This is so true. I believe that so many people think that if they go to church and know a lot about the bible that they will be okay. But the truth of the matter is we will only go to heaven if we have God in our hearts. I think that if they get saved and truly get saved and not just have what you like to call ” fire insurance” then the bible will have so much more meaning to them. Thank you Mr. Martin!

  10. This is a great lesson, we cannot be saved on our own. We need Christ for saving us. It is just amazing to me that God would give us sinners a free gift.

  11. Too often we focus on knowledge and good works. We should have a strong relationship with Christ and feel his love in our hearts. Having knowledge about Christ is good but it’s even better to have his love with in us.

  12. Once you are overcome with the heartfelt feelings of God’s mercy, it turns one into a true believer of what He has done for us sinners. It is heartbreaking to think that we fail Him everyday, but he forgives us. It is important to have both the brain and heart knowledge together to make a complete Christian.

  13. I believe this is a great post. It is true that we do tend to have more knowledge of God instead of trusting in him with our heart. We need to realize this just like you did and change it. Not saying that knowledge in God is bad at all, but we let that just over power having his love within us. We may need to look at our lives and see if we really are saved or we just are good people maybe, having knowledge in God.

  14. You can sometimes tell when people have head knowledge over heart knowledge. They may know about the fruits of the spirit but they don’t always show them. It is completely true that we have to trust in God for our salvation, not ourselves. Our works won’t get us anywhere unless we have God. Thanks for the message Mr. Martin! 🙂

  15. When we hit a bump in the road, our first instinct is to try and handle it all by ourselves. We think that we have all the answers and that we know what is best when really God is the only one who truly knows what is best for us. Relying on ourselves for salvation will get us no where because we are sinners and we aren’t perfect or holy like God is. We just have to put all of our faith in him and remember that no matter what happens God knows everything and is in control of every good and bad situation in our lives.

  16. It is always good to have head knowledge on Christ! But in the end good works tantrum going to save you. At the end of the day all that matters is what’s in your heart! ☺️

  17. Our soul is our mind, will & emotion. We are born into the world, into sin. Initially our mind, is set for flesh, ways of the the world. That is easy, sin is easy. But when you except that JESUS paid the ultimate sacrifice, HE gave his life, so I maybe saved, how much more love can you know not only in your heart but in your mind. I know how much I love my family members, but would I,could I,give my life? The overwhelming feeling just knowing HE did this just for me.

  18. We can’t get to heaven with good works. We get to heaven by Jesus Christ alone. Some people know about God, but they don’t truly know him. He sent his own son to die for us. We can’t handle everything on our own, we need God and Jesus to help us.

  19. Many people believe that if they act right and go to church and do good works they will get to heaven. Your good works are not what saves you your salvation and trust in God then you will truly be saved. If you are persistent in telling them about the Gospel and praying the you can truly make a difference and others can make a difference too.

  20. [Im sorry I forgot to do this that week] i enjoyed this topic. we should base are christian walk on loving God by following his law and studying not by works. Before i moved to Cullman i was a catholic and believe works would get you heaven.i have changed since then and this message has helped me even more.

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