01.12.16 – Harvesting


People Harvest People; Thoughts on Fishing for Men

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” – Matthew 28:19

Throughout my ministry, I have been blessed to be a part of divine appointments with lost people put together by the sovereign hand of God.  In such encounters, I have shared my faith in Christ, and many times God has graciously penetrated their dead heart, and saved them from their sins.  In those moments, it is overwhelming to watch God open their eyes to the gospel and call them to be one of His children. But what is most overwhelming is the thought that God chose to use a dirty and broken vessel such as myself to proclaim of His message of salvation.  It is a wonderful feeling to lead someone to the Lord.  It’s not a feeling of pride where you gloat about what you have done. You actually have done nothing, and God has done everything. Rather, it’s a thankful heart that God would allow you to be a part of something He was doing in the life of another person.

You may find it interesting to know that it is estimated to require one thousand laypersons and six ministers a year to lead one person to Christ. It was also estimated that ninety-five percent of the Christians today never lead a soul to Christ. This is the reversal of Jesus’ strategy of New Testament evangelism found in Matthew 28:19. Also, a Christian Research Group in a nationwide survey asked this question: “Please describe your goals in life.”  The survey found that almost nine out of ten adults classified themselves as a “Christian,” by the following definition, “I am personally committed to Jesus Christ and have confessed my sins and I believe that I will go to heaven when I die because of God’s love and grace through Christ.” That is certainly a strong definition! Yet not one of those who said they were Christians declared that their life goal was to be a “fully committed follower of Jesus Christ and to participate in making Christian disciples.”  This ought to be disturbing to each and every one of us.

When I was in college, a Christian student told me that he did not feel “led” to witness.  After I pondered upon his ridiculous words, I decided that he needed to get the “led” out and start sharing his faith! Consider our text above.  Matthew 28:19 is known as the great commission or great calling.  It is the heartbeat of our mission while here on earth.  It is not to be approached like a suggestion from God; rather it is a commandment from God.  Contrary to the opinion of the student in college that I was talking with, it is not only the duty of those who have surrendered to full time Christian service to share their faith,  it is also the duty of every born again believer!  If you are saved, then you are called to share tour faith.  Who was Jesus speaking to when He said these words?  He was speaking to His disciples.  What is a disciple?  A disciple can simply be defined as a follower of Jesus Christ.  Are you a follower of Jesus Christ?  If you are a Christian you are.  And if you are a Christian, then you are His disciple. Your job description as His disciple calls for the verbalization of your faith in Christ to those you come in contact with. Too many Christians get to the first word of the great commission and struggle.  It says “go!” Know this; the harvest is plentiful (Matthew 9:37).

Years ago farmers would bring in what they called “harvesters” to help with gathering.  Today, when the harvest is ready the farmer will use machines to gather the harvest.  You can use machinery to bring in crops,   but it takes people to harvest people.  Your role in the great commission cannot be substituted.  If you are a Christian, then you are called to be fishers of men!  Ask God today to help you glue your hands to the gospel plow (Luke 9:62), and not look back!


20 thoughts on “01.12.16 – Harvesting

  1. We all need to witness as well as we can. Some people think they can’t do it because they’re not good with people or they’re antisocial. They can do it they just need better self esteem. Everyone can do it, but nor everyone is brave enough to.

  2. I think we need to look for chances to share Christ with others. Many times Jesus will lead us to people that need to know. We need to be ready to talk about how
    Jesus can make a difference. Sometimes I get nervous so I just hope I will be brave enough to take the chances God gives me.

  3. We should all be fishers of men and seek to bear witness to others. This means as a Christian, you should act How God wants you to and not how others around you act. We should not be ashamed of the gospel, we should be courageous and share God’s Word with others around us. If you knew someone who didn’t understand what being saved was like, you should share the gospel with them. You should never get caught up with worldly things, and shouldn’t be a disciple of God when it’s only convenient to you. You don’t have to move around to different countries to tell people about how they can be saved, you can witness in your own country and community as well. Always be ready to tell people that Jesus died for us to give us eternal life, and this gift can only be obtained through faith in Him.

  4. I think a light bulb just turned on in my head. I’ve never really thought of us as being “fishermen”. We are supposed to be fishers of men and try to catch people with the light of Christ and bring them to him. God gave us the command to witness so we are all “led” to witness. Thanks Mr. Martin! 😀

  5. As Christians we are called like Christ to witness to others around us.we don’t have to share in a big way,God just wants us to spread the gospel.we are all fishers of men.great message mr Martin.😋

  6. I’ve always felt it’s hard to share Christ with random people even though I’ve been on a mission trip. We need to look at it as a gift and also a command rather than some suggestion like you said. The feeling of sharing the love of Christ to another person is amazing and doesn’t feel like a thing you can brag about at all. This message is a very good thing to think about and take action on it.

  7. As Christians, we are called to spread the gospel. Yes, it is hard, but that’s our calling. Like both Anna and Chandan said, we are to be fishers of men and lead broken people to Christ🤗😜

  8. This is very true. We all do proclaim we are Christians, but we do not tell other people about Jesus Christ our lord and savior. Either we are too shy to go up to someone thinking they will criticize you for your belief or we are too lazy to do it. We really should learn that part of being a Christian means we need to lead other nonbelievers to Christ.

  9. Lots of times people think well I’m saved so I’m done and I can do any thing it wont matter. The mindset of a Christian that is on fire for the Lord is to “GO” out and make disciples of all nations. We are to pursue the people be proud that you are a Christian and “GO”.

  10. As Christians, we should spread the word of God to others, and be fully committed followers of Jesus. We need to be fishers of men.

  11. Oh yes, I strongly believe all of us as Christians are called to tell others about Christ. We don’t have to leave the country, though some are called to, but we need to minister to people in our day to day lives. Don’t be afraid to tell others about out great Saviour and don’t just do it on a mission trip with your church, let it be a daily thing. I used to just do it on mission trips or camps but ever since this summer I’ve realized to also spread God’s Word and I pray every day for God to make me bold and open my heart to new opportunities to witness. Sharing the word with strangers is easy, but sharing the word with someone you are close to and see a lot is very difficult and can be awkward. I struggle with telling people that are kinda close to me.

  12. It’s sometimes hard to witness to those who don’t want to want to know God and what all he has done. I will often stop talking or change the subject when I try to witness to someone that just doesn’t care. I should pray that God will help me through that time. We as Chirstians should witness to anyone and everyone even if we just met them.

  13. We as Christians need to take up our duty as disciples for Jesus and fish for other disciples and then we will have a lot of disciples to teach the upcoming generations. If one person professed their faith for and inChrist to a nonbeliever and that person got saved then their would be all Christians! We need to fish for men and do it wholly for the Lord. It is all Him!

  14. As Christians it is our job to be fishermen for Fod it is the way He designed us sometimes I find it hard to come out and share his word with random strangers this has really opened my eyes to try harder to get the message through to others thank you so much for the message mr Martin🤗

  15. I think we need to be fishers of me and try to witness to people so that they can get saved. If we don’t witness to people then we won’t have a chance to lead someone to the lord and it could also mean one less person would be able to go to heaven

  16. We really need to be fishers to men, a light to those who are lost. We should not get caught up in worldly things, or be ashamed of the gospel, but we need to live as best we can so that we can witness

  17. Telling a random person about the bible can get really arkward and it takes lots of courage to do. We should be God’s true fishermen and spread the gospel.

  18. Jesus has called us to witness
    to other people to help them seek
    Him. most people feel like that don’t deserve to do that for God because of their past and what they’ve done.
    and that’s not true. everyone is called to tell others about Jesus
    no matter what they’ve done.

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