11.10.15 – Chalmers

63231_Photography_Photography_-_Scenic_WallpaperCannibals or Worms; Pondering the Path of a Pioneer Christian

“They kept right on teaching and preaching Jesus.” – Acts 5:42

I love to read about the boldness of the apostles recorded in the book of Acts. They were pioneers of the faith, boldly leading the way. A “pioneer Christian” is not concerned about what others say, but rather is more concerned with what God has to say.  They lead the way, focused and driven by the God given call upon his or her life.  They live in such a way that long after they are gone, people still benefit from their witness for Christ.  With this in mind, I pose a question; are you a pioneer Christian?

In Acts 5, Peter and the apostles experience imprisonment and are flogged for their faith in Christ.  What is their response?  They make it clear to their adversaries that they are determined to obey God rather than men, and that they cannot nor will not keep quiet about Jesus Christ.  As they depart their adversaries, they leave with joy in their hearts, only determined to proclaim Christ even more.

When I think about pioneer Christians, I am also reminded of great missionaries of yesteryear. For instance, man by the name of James Chalmers comes to mind. Chalmers was born in 1841.  At age eighteen in 1859 he felt the call of God upon his life to do mission work.  In 1877 at the age of 36 he sailed for the Cook Islands of Polynesia to join a pioneer mission work in New Guinea.  Chalmers led many locals to Christ in his 24 years there. He kept going, no matter how tough the circumstances were.  Chalmers was known for his zeal for the Lord, and with this God-given zeal, he faithfully continued to press on with the gospel.  He passionately and vigorously witnessed without compromise to the savage locals about Jesus Christ, and no matter the results, he never gave up.  Eventually Chalmers was murdered by cannibals in 1901 at the age of sixty.  But his legacy lived on and his story did not end there. Forty years later, his impact on the country of New Guinea was still felt.  During World War II, some American fighter pilots were shot down over New Guinea. These American fighters were led to Christ by former cannibals who had been initially led to Christ by James Chalmers.

I also think about another missionary by the name of John G. Paton (1824-1907). He was a Scottish preacher and missionary to the people of the New Hebrides Islands of the South Pacific. It was a region known for savages and cannibals. Before Paton’s missionary departure, an older man from his homeland asked him to reconsider going to such a dangerous region. “You will be eaten by cannibals!” the man exclaimed.  Paton’s response was chilling; “Mr. Dickson, you are advanced in years now, and your own prospect is soon to be laid in the grave, there to be eaten by worms; I confess to you, that if I can but live and die serving and honoring the Lord Jesus, it will make no difference to me whether I am eaten by cannibals or by worms; and in the great day my resurrection body will rise as fair as yours in the likeness of our risen Redeemer.”

A pioneer Christian is not interested in simply meeting what seems to be the some sort of “status quo” of the Christian life. They are not persuaded by the attractive words of man.  They are not tossed by the unexpected waves on the sea of life.  Instead, the pioneer Christian looks out at the horizon of life and sees obstacles as opportunities. They are selfless, understanding the biblical principle of what it means to die to self and to live for Christ. They understand the cost of taking up their cross and following Christ.  They stay focused on their mission, and have one goal in mind; to run the race and fight the good fight for the glory of God.

God is looking for radical pioneer Christians and I can say with confidence that He is calling all of us to be pioneer Christians. Let us commit in our hearts that we too are going to be radical pioneers for Christ, blazing a path for the glory of God.


18 thoughts on “11.10.15 – Chalmers

  1. This is how we as Christians should live in our day to day lives. The zeal these men had for the lord is inspirational, but it shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be because we should all have that kind of faith to the point where it’s not inspirational, it’s normal.

  2. The men in the story were a great example of how we should live are daily life.We should love the Lord as these men have in their life time.

  3. The mission field is full of men and women with zeal for God such as these examples. The main point is to sell out for God, and He will do the rest. I’ve been on mission trips where I did things or went places I never dreamed of going. But God is awesome like that. He is an unlimited source of strength, and I think most Christians could use a little bit more every day. However, that can only come when we are in harmony with God.

  4. This is something I hope I can do in the future.I’m no pastor but I hope that my charactor can inspire others to be godly people and better people even after I’m long gone.

  5. It is sometimes hard to listen to Christ instead of the world or people around us but we all need to try our best to listen to Christ and keep doing what he says is right and not others.

  6. I think it is very encouraging to hear these stories. It would be amazing to be a missionary. God calls us all to do different things. I believe that if I felt he was calling me to the missions feild I would go whole-heartedly.

  7. I want to follow God whole heartedly like these pioneers did. I think we should be missionaries in our town and even in our own “backyards”. I want to be a missionary to my friends, family, and neighbors. You do not have to go across the world to be a great pioneer Christian. I want to begin my mission right where I am.

  8. I think that these men are very inspiring. It is very rare that we hear of people like this and that is sad. I hope one day I can reach out like those people and strive to share the word of God. I think a good way to start being a Pioneer Christian is start to reach out to your own family and friends and help them. Also if you want to be a pioneer Christian then your actions also need to reflect Christ.

  9. That’s one thing that I seriously aspire to achieve. Relentlessness. When I hear of these men, I can only imagine how strong their connection with God really was. I often forget that God should be the head of EVERYTHING I do. No matter how big or small. It all has to happen solely to bring God glory.

  10. God is always to be the focal point of our lives. When we need inspiration to get through the times when it seems like we have too much on our hands to remeber God, we can look to these men. They help remind us of the benefits of keeping God at the center of our thinking and what comes with that.

  11. I pray that I can be a pioneer for Christ in the lives of the people I meet. I pray that God would give me opportunities to shine my light of Him and do it well and with perseverance.

  12. Missionaries are very courageous and inspiring people. It takes a lot of bravery to put your life on the line for Gods cause. It puts our petty fears of maybe being made fun of for our faith to shame and should cause use to be unashamed of Christ.

    • We should all be missionaries for Christ. These men were incredibly brave and not ashamed of Christ, exactly how we should be in our daily lives

  13. These stories are amazing and very moving. I always find myself thinking that to be called a “missionary”, I have to go to Africa and talk to kids who don’t have water on a daily basis. That’s not the case at all, though. I can be a pioneer Christian and stay in Cullman. These men encouraged me to boldy live for Christ no matter what people say.

  14. Sometimes in life we need to be brave and just live a little. We have to be brave and not worry about what others would say. God wishes for us to take some risk in order to glorify Him.

  15. Being unafraid is difficult but we have the examples of these men to draw from. We must thank God for them and ask Him for Him help and for strength like them.

  16. Even if we are not called to go across the world we are all to be missionaries. It doesn’t matter if it’s to our neighbors,friends, etc. we should never stop sharing the gospel with others. This is a very inspiring story and I hope I can be more like them.

  17. This is the way that every Christian should live there life like a pioneer Christian . Keeping a narrow mind on what matters looking forward and seeking God. We should also go out and teach others without being intimidated and afraid of what people might think .

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