Period 3 – Due Mar 7

You will have the opportunity to practice the personal spiritual discipline of journaling. During the course of the year, you will write 32 journal entries which will be a reflection of your thoughts pertaining to the topics listed below.  You will turn in 8 spiritual journal entries each grading period on the due dates below. Again, there are 8 journal entries due per grading period (a total of 32 journal entries in the school year). Each of your journal entries should be between five and ten sentences long. Your spiritual journal entries are 20% of the overall grade for each grading period.  On a personal note, I want you to see this project as a blessing not a burden! I want you to taste and see that the Lord is Good (Psalm 34:8).

Grading Period 3

  • Entry #1 – How has terrorism impacted your understanding that God is always sovereign and in control?
  • Entry #2 – What has been your favorite part of the book of Romans as we studied it in January?
  • Entry #3 – Does God still speak and work through miracles?  What are your thoughts?
  • Entry #4 – Does God still speak to his people through dreams?  What are your thoughts?
  • Entry #5 – Should Christians embrace music, art, poetry, literature and film that speaks against the Christian Faith?  Can a Christian be neutral on something that is blatantly against God?
  • Entry #6 – How important is it for denominations co-exist without squabbling?  Is this hard or easy?
  • Entry #7 – Should Christian parents require their children attend church till they are adults?  Yes or No?
  • Entry #8 – Should a Christian be a one issue voter?  Abortion…etc…

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