Garland Of Grace – 04.25.20


Coronavirus Reflections

COVID 19 has been a learning experience to say the least.  I want to briefly share with you a few life observations that have come to my mind.

To begin with, we have all been reminded of our fragility. People have a tendency to see themselves as invincible. The coronavirus has been a reality check, reminding people of all seasons and walks of life that the human body is frail and is continually susceptible to sickness and disease.

Secondly, we have a lot less control over life’s situations than we think we do.  Whether we admit it or not, we often live our lives as if we are steering the ship.  Obviously we are not, and God will permit speed bumps on the road of life to help us face reality.  We are truly helpless people dependent on the one true sovereign God who controls all things.

Third, sickness is not a respecter of persons.  The COVID 19 pandemic is a worldwide global event effecting all races and nationalities.  This truth reminds us of our equality.

Fourth, the church is not a building.  I know this is somewhat cliché, yet it is true. Even though churches have dismissed organized gatherings  during COVID 19, they have stayed connected though various means of social media and technology. Church buildings may be empty but the heart of the church has been full.

Fifth, the coronavirus has been a priority check. It has helped us see what really matters.  Sure; jobs can be lost, the stock market can be in shambles, and social gatherings can be cancelled. But what really matters are the people around us; people who we love, cherish and value.  Who can put a price tag on our loved ones?

Sixth, we really have it pretty good.  Because of technological advances in the medical field, the severity of the coronavirus has paled in comparison to the Spanish flu of 1918 or the Black Plague of the 14th century.   To be sure, other countries have had it worse than we have here in the United States, and in no way do I want to diminish the difficulties our global neighbors have faced. But the truth is, to have faced COVID 19 where and when we have has been a tremendous blessing.

Seventh, we must not waste the time we have time in isolation. If you are like me, you have seen very few people in person in recent weeks. But use this time of social distancing by drawing closer to God. Silence and solitude is a spiritual discipline that ought to be woven into the  fabric of the believers life.

Finally, COVID 19 has taught us the value of preparation. People have physically prepared for the coronavirus by stocking up on groceries and sundry items.  And rightly so.  There is something to be said about storing up and being prepared for difficult times that lie ahead (Genesis 41:35).  But physical preparation should cause us to think about spiritual preparation. Oh that people would spiritually prepare for eternity with the same level of concern, for the bridegroom cometh (Matthew 25:1-13).

As strange as it may sound, I am thankful for the last couple of months.  Ponder these truths, and may the Lord have preeminence in all things!

Pastor Eric


2 thoughts on “Garland Of Grace – 04.25.20

  1. Thank you for your timely words to help us maintain a Godly perspective during this wake-up call. We definitely needed God to allow this to prioritize our lives anew for Him.


    Don and Melinda James

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