Garland Of Grace – 08.30.19


Fingerprints and a Bucket of Paint; Words of Wisdom from a Deacon Named Kenny

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord…” – Psalm 127:3

In recent months, God has blessed the Seventh Street family with  a tremendous increase of children  within our Children’s department. There have been multiple factors that have led to this. To begin with, our Vacation Bible School this summer was absolutely amazing! And through the various outreach opportunities surrounding our VBS ministry, we have been able to connect with a handful of families within our community. And because of our growing bus ministry, these children are now attending our services. Sadly, many of these children are arriving on Sunday mornings without breakfast. Because of this, we began meeting that need last Sunday by providing a meal for them as they start their day.

Undoubtedly, God has placed in our lap an overwhelming opportunity to show the love of Christ, teach the truth of the gospel, and see these children come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.   Yet many of these children are not accustomed to church worship services and are unaware of what is considered to be appropriate etiquette within God’s house.

God has called us to be faithful and patient in our efforts to steer these children to Jesus. Be patient. Don’t lose your cool. Don’t miss out on the opportunity given to us by God!  He has entrusted these children to our care. The question is, “How are we going to handle such an overwhelming responsibility?”

The first church I pastored was Wildersville Baptist Church, a  rural church off Interstate 40 half way between Memphis and Nashville.  One of our deacons was a man named Kenny Cavness. I believe Kenny had the right attitude when it came to children in God’s house.  He once told me a story about how years earlier a church member had complained to him about the “noisy children” and their dirty fingerprints left in the hallway. Kenny quickly responded by saying, “We need to be thankful that the fingerprints are on the wall!” Kenny’s point was simply this; church walls can easily be repainted, but having the children in God’s house is priceless. Kenny passed away in 2007. But his words have permanently shaped my philosophy of Children’s ministry.

Let’s not be prunes complaining about noise or bad behavior. Instead let’s do something about it by setting the right example and steering them in the right direction. Let’s show the love of Christ by sharing the gospel.  You never know what God might do.  He might just be calling you to invest your life into the lives of our children. We certainly could use your help! Finally, let us pray together for God to do amazing things in the life of Seventh Street Baptist Church!

 – Pastor Eric



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