Garland Of Grace – 05.27.17


Creation Speaks of His Glory

“For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.” – Romans 1:20

There have been breathtaking moments in my spiritual pilgrimage where the beauty of God’s creation left me speechless.  I remember in college hiking at night and climbing up on the hoodoo boulders positioned on the Montana Wyoming border.  As my friends and I reached a level point close to the summit, we laid flat on our backs, turned off our flashlights, and saw a show better than any planetarium could offer.  There were millions of stars.  The night sky was so clear that I can distinctly remember watching satellites slowly orbit the earth, something not normally seen by the naked eye.  The experience was so overwhelming that it left me with a sense of God’s majesty and all-surpassing supremacy like I had never experienced before.

That same summer, I remember the same feeling penetrating my soul as I backpacked through a northern Wyoming forest.  I rounded a corner on the trail and saw one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever laid eyes on, a place known as Osprey Falls.  (See the picture above) The cold rushing and gushing fresh water splashing on me at the base of the falls was one of the most refreshing sensations I have ever experienced.  In that moment I was left awestruck at the surrounding beauty, and humbled by God’s detailed handiwork, from the towering pines reaching up to the heavens to the fish swimming in the crystal clear stream.

That same emotion swelled up within me as I held my firstborn child and studied her little fingers and toes.  In that moment, I held her tightly in my arms and felt the vibrations of her heartbeat.  The beats were vigorous and repetitive like a kick drum.  I gently rocked her as I sang the song she was named after.

Two weeks prior to my conversion of Christ in October of 1992, I went on an overnight backpacking trip at Big Hill Pond State Park outside of Ramer, Tennessee. That particular weekend, it seemed as if God was doing some preliminary work in my life, as He prepared the soil of my heart to receive Him as Lord (Acts 16:14, Matthew 13:23).  That Saturday morning, I got up before the rest of the campers and climbed a 73 foot fire tower to watch the sunrise.  It was the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen.  A thick white fog blanketed the area, which only enhanced the radiant colors of the autumn leaves.  In that moment, even as a nonbeliever, I could not deny the fact that there was a God.  For creation shouted with acclamation and praise to His existence (Psalm 19:1).

I pray that you know the emotions I am describing.  Maybe it was the sense of wonder you had as you studied the intricate details of a leaf.  Maybe this sense of God’s greatness swelled up within you as you observed a magnificent sunset while driving at dusk.  And even from darker viewpoint, maybe the emotion pierced your heart with a dose of humility as you observed the damage of a tornado and saw firsthand the force and power of almighty God.

Do you regularly pause, and with a sense of awestruck wonder, soak in and savor God’s marvelous creation?  If you aren’t doing so, you need to start taking time out to smell the roses; for His creation serves as a praise song proclaiming His majesty and glory.  Creation itself speaks to the existence of God and magnifies His attributes.  How could anyone not believe in God and live among His creation?

 – Pastor Eric


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