Garland Of Grace – 02.27.17


Be Still…A Devotional Thought From My Sweet Wife

“The Lord will fight for you; you must be quiet.” – Exodus 14:14

In Exodus, as the Israelites were running from Pharaoh, they had become trapped between the Egyptians and the Red Sea. They continued to obey the Lord and they camped where He told them to and God protected them. The Lord hid them from the Egyptians during the night. He allowed the cloud that He used as their guide to also serve as protection from the Egyptians.  The next day the Israelites were able to witness a miracle. God parted the Red Sea and the Israelites were able to walk across the seabed on dry ground! We know that this is very important because the Bible mentions it more than once. They were able to walk to freedom. They were free from slavery under the control of an oppressive principality.

I was encouraged and blessed by this verse “The Lord will fight for you; you must be quiet.” In life many struggle with circumstances beyond their realm of control. People can attempt to proceed through the circumstances in a godly fashion and do the “right” thing and still be crushed under the sins of others. When you are seeking the forgiveness of others and they are unwilling to respond in any way it can be very disheartening. This is compounded on those who are “people pleasers.” They are those who want everyone to like them and will do almost anything for approval. But we are to please God, rather than men. This brings me back to the aforementioned verse; allow God to fight for you. You need only to be quiet and watch. He will grant you the ability to witness a great and mighty miracle! Whatever your circumstances, allow the One who made you be a shield for you and allow Him to fight your battles. He, after all, is the Victor in the end and always.

 – Sarah


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