Garland Of Grace – 12.04.16


God’s Gift of Salvation

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” – Romans 6:23

In light of the Christmas season and the spirit of giving, let us ponder salvation as a gift from our good and gracious God…

To begin with, the gift of salvation cannot be bought – The Bible says that salvation is a free gift from God; “free” meaning you cannot pay for it. In fact, you cannot even remotely contribute to the price whatsoever.  If you could, then it would no longer be free and therefore it would no longer be a gift. Gifts are free. If you have to pay for something, it is not a gift. Salvation is a free gift because the price has been paid in full by our Lord Jesus Christ.  One cannot buy the gift of salvation; for it has already been purchased for you. You must simply receive it as a free gift from God.

Secondly, the gift of salvation cannot be lost – Consider the vast array of differing gifts you have received during your lifetime. Some of the gifts you still have in your possession, especially gifts you have received in recent years. But I would venture to say that many of the gifts you received have been lost, especially the ones from years ago. You remember receiving them, but you are not quite sure where they are today. They have been lost. They are no longer in your possession. But this is not so with the gift of salvation. Once you receive Christ, the salvation you receive is a free gift from God that cannot be lost.

Third, the gift of salvation cannot be broken – Similar to my thoughts in the previous section, I want you to again imagine all of the gifts you have received throughout the years. I am sure that some of those gifts broke over time.  Maybe it was a picture frame or a watch. Hopefully you get the picture; I am describing a gift that did not stand the test of time. The truth is, earthly treasures rust out (Matthew 6:19) but the eternal gift of salvation will never break down, whither, or fall apart. It is a gift that lasts forever.

Fourth, the gift of salvation cannot be stolen – In our culture crippled with crime, thievery thrives.  Sad but true, gifts can be stolen. It should not surprise us when local law enforcement reminds Christmas shoppers to keep any gifts located in their car out of site from would be criminals who might be scoping out the cars in the mall parking lot.  But this threat is not applicable to salvation, for salvation cannot be stolen (Matthew 6:20).  When you trust Christ as Savior, you are sealed by the Holy Spirit of God. And it is a seal that cannot be cracked by some sticky fingered thief. When you receive God’s gift of salvation to you, no one can ever take it from you (John 10:28).

Finally, the gift of salvation cannot be returned – This point might initially surprise you, but think it through. Yes, it is true that people can reject the gift of salvation. But that is not what I am referring to here.  You see, there is a radical difference between “rejecting” a gift and “returning” a gift.  When you reject a gift, it means that you never received it in the first place.  But when you return a gift, it was actually in your possession for a period of time. In the retail business, the day after Christmas is traditionally the largest day for returns. A gift returned on December 26th was obviously in the individual’s possession on December 25th. This means the person had the gift for a brief period of time. But this is not the case with the gift of salvation; for it cannot be returned. Once you receive it, it is yours forever. Some believe that a person can have salvation at one point in their life, only to later abandon their salvation. But this is severely incorrect. I would suggest that person never had salvation to begin with; for you cannot return something you never had in the first place.

Ponder these wonderful truths today. I am thankful that God lovingly offers the gift salvation to wretched sinners such as me – sinners who deserve to perish in the flames of Hell. Let us cherish the grace of God as we stand in awe of His lovingkindness.

 – Pastor Eric


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