Garland Of Grace – 09.21.15


The Missing Phone; Lessons From the Corner of Mary Kate and Clarks Creek

“I have this against you, that you have left your first love.” – Revelation 2:4

A few years ago I lost my cell phone.  (I am sure you have done that before) My first emotion was frustration at myself for being so careless.  But that frustration developed into genuine worry the longer I went without locating it.  By nighttime, I was feverishly looking everywhere I knew to look, retracing my steps in an attempt to find it.  I remembered where I was when I had received my last phone call.  I was not in the house; I was out in the garage.  So I went out to the garage to look around.  It was then that a terrible horrendous feeling came over me.  I remembered carelessly laying my phone on the bumper of my truck which had already been driven twice since the phone had been missing!  In a panic, I began walking in the night down my street looking for the phone, but to no avail.  I continued to walk and pray, and began walking down the next road that I had driven on. While I prayed, I also used my wife’s phone to dial my phone in a glimmer of hope that I would hear it, and that it had not been squashed by traffic.  I was just about to give up hope when I heard a quiet and faint ring in the dark of night.  Shocked and surprised, I was relieved to know two things; it was somewhere out there, and secondly, it was still working!  But what was most amazing was where I found it.  It was out in the middle of the road! It had been lying in the path of vehicle tires for hours, and yet it had not even received a scratch!

How many times have you lost your cell phone? Maybe you left it lying somewhere, and you could not remember for the life of you where you left it.  It doesn’t even have to be a cell phone.  It could have been a wallet or even an important set of keys. But the point is this; whether we want to admit it or not, we probably have all left behind something of great value to us.  And we all know how it feels to misplace a valuable item. The longer you go without finding it, the more frustrated and worried you become.  You will do the most logical thing you know to do, and begin the process of retracing your steps in an attempt to recover the missing item.  And if not found, your worry, if not handled properly, will develop into panic.

Oh how often we panic over something that is missing in our lives!  Oh how quick we are to fret over what we might have left behind!  But with this truth about our human nature in mind, why is it that so many people in the church will panic over a missing cell phone or a wallet, and won’t panic when their zeal for the Lord seems to be missing?  So many people in the church today have become lethargic.  They have lost their zeal in their service to the Lord.  Their passionate love affair with God doesn’t seem as romantic as it used to be.  They have left their first love, and yet they do not seem to be too worried about it. What a travesty and indictment on our twenty-first century Christian culture that a missing wallet or cell phone brings more stress to our lives and disturbs us more within our heart than a missing zeal for serving Christ that we used to have.

Have you left your first love?  It might be that as you have been reading this, it has hit you like a ton of bricks that you are missing something in your relationship with God that used to be there.  If so, my suggestion to you would be to do what you normally would do anytime you lose something that is very precious and valuable to you.  Retrace your steps and work your way back!  Ask the Lord to show you what steps to take for you to get back to the place in your life where you had a fervent passion for God.  I promise you this; He will answer a prayer like that every time!

 – EM

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