Welcome To Seventh Street – 08.30.15


We continue our new sermon series on The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12). Today we ponder, “Blessed are the merciful.”

This morning, we will be voting on the deacon positions for the new church year.  Please prayerfully consider this important ministry of the church.

In recent weeks we have been blessed with four new members; David and Paulette Stark, Rachael Martin, and Ann Heck.  Specifically tonight, we will stir the waters of baptism. New member Rachael Martin recently gave her heart to Christ. It is always exciting to see a new believer make their profession of faith public with baptism!

This coming Wednesday night we will continue our study on the book of Genesis.  We will be covering the second part of Chapter eight along with the first part of chapter nine.  Come and join us for this exciting study!

There are no services next Sunday evening September 6th in lieu of the Labor Day weekend. Please use this time to enjoy with your family.

Let me take just a moment and share a word with you about our guest speaker Sunday evening September 13th.  His name is Bryan Morris, and he is the pastor of Morris Memorial Baptist Church in Moscow, TN.  I have known Bryan now for over twenty years, and is one of my closest friends.  He and his family will be traveling through our area on the way to the ocean for a family vacation. I extended to him the invitation to preach God’s Word to our people. I pray you receive a blessing!

If you are our guest, we extend to you a warms Seventh Street welcome!  Please take time out and fill out a guest card so that we can rejoice in your attendance!

Finally, I pray that you and your family have a wonderful week in the Lord!



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