Garland Of Grace – 05.26.15


Shining the Glory of God in the Campsite of the World

“It came about when Moses was coming down from Mount Sinai (and the two tablets of the testimony were in Moses’ hand as he was coming down from the mountain), that Moses did not know that the skin of his face shone because of his speaking with Him.” – Exodus 34:29 

I never want to be guilty of misrepresenting or misinterpreting a passage of scripture. I understand that Moses’ personal encounter with God on Mount Sinai recorded in our passage above was an unprecedented event; for he had been in the physical presence of God (Exodus 33:17-23) and had received the Ten Commandments (Exodus 34:27-28). For forty days, Moses met with God just as two friends would meet together. And it was this unique encounter with the true and living God that caused Moses’ face to shine. Therefore, I understand that this exclusive meeting was an isolated event recorded within the pages of God’s Word. Yet with that being said, I still believe that Moses’ appearance as he came down from Mount Sinai offers every believer a great lesson about the value and beauty of spending quality time with the Lord.

As Moses made his way down the mountain and returned to the Israelite camp, Aaron and the people of God were filled with fear because they had never seen anything like it before (Exodus 34:30). The face of their leader had changed and radiated with an indescribable brightness.  Moses had been communing with the Lord, and the meeting had left its mark upon His life.

Spiritually speaking, the same ought to be said about us after we have spent time alone with the Lord. It should be obvious to those around us when we have been alone with God.  Our lives should radiate the glory of God to all of the people that come our way. Just as in Moses’ story, our daily quiet time with the Lord can be likened to the mountaintop. This means that our life in the world is comparable to the campground located in the valley. And as we come down from our “mountaintop” experience with the Lord, the people residing in the “campsite” ought to be able to tell that we have met alone with God.

Arthur Pink said it best when he wrote, “We cannot keep company with the Holy One, without His impress being left upon us. The man who is thoroughly devoted to the Lord needeth not to wear some badge or button in his coat lapel, nor proclaim with his lips that he is living a life of victory.” Pastor Pink was right. When it comes to living out the Christian life, you should not need a badge or a button to signify your allegiance to the Lord. Rather, your personal countenance as you radiate the glory of God should be enough evidence. Just like a fire branding, God will leave His mark of holiness upon those who spend quality time with Him.

This means the believer’s life should be lived out as a beautiful praise song to the Lord.  It is to be lived out like a burnt offering to God, giving off the sweet aroma of His presence to others. And, as we see in our story, the believer’s’ life should reflect the Light of God. When people are in your presence, it will be obvious to them that you truly have been in the presence of the Lord (Acts 4:13). Charles Spurgeon accurately wrote that, “God is Light and they that look upon Him are enlightened and reflect Light around them.”

This reflection of the glorious Light of God calls for you to intentionally seek and treasure your personal time alone with God. And in these daily meetings with Him, soak up his holiness like a sponge so you can return to the campsite glowing with the glory of God. And while on the mountain, boldly pray as Moses’ prayed when He asked the Lord to show him His glory (Exodus 33:18). Let us pray together that those in the campsite of the world will see the holiness and glory of God shining from our lives!

 – Pastor Eric

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