Life Reflections – 10.29.14


Dear Seventh Street Family,

I really do not know here to begin. My heart is overflowing with joy after our Fall Fest tonight.  I am so encouraged by the spirit of unity demonstrated by our church family as we came together to reach out into to our community. I am still in a state of shock pertaining to the amount of unchurched families that came through our doors. In my entire ministry, “Fall Fests” have usually been “internal” fellowships with an occasional guest here or there.  But tonight’s event was marked by “external” outreach ministry. There were moments when it seemed that the guests outnumbered the members. I guess running out of candy and hot dogs can be a good thing.

I am especially overwhelmed with the teamwork demonstrated by our body of believers.  I want to thank the registration booth, the trunk or treaters, the hayride crew, the kitchen and cooking crew, the chili cookers, the greeters, the bouncy house crew, the chili taste testers, and the photo booth team. I especially thank the Children’s committee for taking on this October outreach project.

Seventh Street, I am truly convinced that people simply need to know the church loves them, and most importantly, Jesus loves them.  Thank you for demonstrating that tonight.

I am honored to call 7th Street my Church home. Tonight, my precious Sarah looked at me and said, “I love our church.”  You see, It is important to us that you know that when we say we love you, it is real. It is not some fabricated language pastors are “supposed to say.” Rather for us, our love for you is a raw, real, and authentic emotion.

We love you….And so I leave you with Philippians 1:3 carved in my heart tonight…

– Pastor Eric & Family

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