Life Reflections – 10.20.14


Fun fact I found in my studies… interesting to note how many of God’s prophets and preachers were called into the ministry while working.

  1. Moses was out in the fields tending to his father-in-law’s livestock when called him into the ministry (Exodus 3:1-2).
  1. Elisha was plowing a field with an ox when the Lord sent the prophet Elijah to him. In that moment, Elijah placed his mantle placed his mantle upon him, signifying God’s call upon his life (1 Kings 19:19).
  1. David was sitting on the backside of a sheep pasture tending to his father’s herd of sheep when he was called of God in service to Him (1 Samuel 17:15).
  1. Matthew had the dreaded occupation of a tax collector. He was diligently working at his tax booth when he was called out by Jesus. He immediately left his work station and obediently followed the Lord (Luke 5:27-28).
  1. The Apostle Peter was faithfully minding his own business own day while fishing. Jesus called out to him with the command to follow Him.  Without hesitation or reservation, Peter placed down his fishing nets and obediently followed the Lord (Matthew 4:18)

Not sure what my point is…I just thought it was cool 🙂

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