Garland Of Grace – 08.11.14


Hidden Bedroom Sins

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” – Psalm 51:10

Most children do not enjoy cleaning their room. They constantly look for ways to cut corners in getting the job done. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to shove the mess under the bed. This bulldozing strategy is a favorite. It gives the appearance of a clean room, and does so rather rapidly. But the wise parent will not be fooled, and will lovingly lift up the dust ruffle and expose all the hidden junk.

This familiar scene from the pages of childhood is similar to the believer’s relationship with our heavenly Father. He knows everything about His children. We can hide nothing from Him, and no matter how hard we try, nothing escapes His permeating gaze (Hebrews 4:13). Just like a faithful parent inspecting the condition of a child’s bedroom, our heavenly Father faithfully inspects our hearts and exposes any junk we are hiding and hoarding under the bed of our hearts. We might be able to give a false impression of spiritual cleanliness to our neighbors, family, and friends, but our heavenly Father never falls for the trick.

As it is in a child’s nature to cut corners in cleaning their room, it is in our sinful nature to try to cut corners in our spiritual cleanliness. We have a tendency to crank up the bulldozer of pride and try to shove our junk under the bed of our hearts in an effort to make our spiritual house appear orderly. But God is in the excavation business, and He will always dig up anything that needs to be unearthed from the soil of our hearts.

Oh how we foolishly assume that we can somehow impress God with an external spiritual facade!  But unlike man, God sees deeper, and is more concerned with what is on the inside (1 Samuel 16:7). God is more interested in what is in our hearts rather than what is in our hands (Genesis 4:4-5). That is why sincere worship to the Lord always calls for transparency of heart. Our worship to God will be hindered if we hoard sin in our heart. Like a dam stifling the mighty waters of a river, sin dams up our lives hindering the powerful flow of the Holy Spirit of God.

But getting back to our story; the child who has bulldozed a pile of clutter under his bed will dread the tedious task of raking all of it back out from under the bed. Spiritually speaking, this is true for the child of God as well. No believer enjoys the exposure of hidden sin. But it is at this point where our life illustration parts ways with our spiritual lesson. Though earthly parents might leave it up to their child to finish the job alone, our heavenly Father does no such thing. Once our sin has been exposed and we have humbly confessed our sin, it is God who does the cleaning for us. Consider our passage above. In Psalm 51, David humbly confessed a once hidden sin (2 Samuel 11:4), a sin that had been clearly exposed. God the Father had lifted up the dust ruffle of David’s heart and used  the prophet Nathan as a rake in His hand (2 Samuel 12:7). Yet through it all, it was God who ultimately cleaned out David’s Heart (Psalm 51:10).

We must not be concerned with what others see, while unconcerned with what God sees. Instead, the child of God must be about the business of keeping their life clean on a daily basis, preventing the pile up of sin in the first place. This means we must live our lives in such a way that we are always prepared for a surprise inspection from God, who is the landlord of our hearts.

Ponder these things today, and faithfully keep watch over the spiritual cleanliness of your soul.  And as uncomfortable as it might be, ask our loving Father to inspect your heart. Pray with David when he said, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

 – Pastor Eric


2 thoughts on “Garland Of Grace – 08.11.14

  1. Thank you, Eric. I’m by nature a formalist and needed this reminder of the spiritual nature of the Christian life and the necessity of grace!

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