Life Reflections – 07.16.14


A Prayer of Thanksgiving to the Master Weaver

My dearest Lord…You who are the Master Weaver…thank you for the recent bright colors you have chosen to stitch into the tapestry of my life story!  Through the years, you have seasonally padded my life quilt with layer upon layer of blessing. Some time ago, I asked you why You had chosen to weave dark threads into my life blanket. For it was always with ease I had received the silver and gold threads, but it was with difficulty I received the black threads. Oh but now I clearly see that the colorful threads are brighter because of the dark threads! And for that, I am forever grateful. And so help me to  submit to the needle in your Sovereign hand as I am fastened to Your quilting frame of grace ….Amen – Michael Eric Martin – July 16, 2014

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