Garland Of Grace – 07.02.14


Escapology and Jesus the Door

“How will we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?” – Hebrews 2:3A

Our culture today uses various means to escape. Some people try to escape responsibility for their actions. Some try to escape reality through means of denial. Some try to escape difficulties by blaming someone else for their problems.  Some try to escape boredom through various means of entertainment. Some try to escape problems in life through alcohol and drug abuse. All these forms of “escapism” are around us in our society on a daily basis. Even from a spiritual standpoint we also see forms of escapism.  Many people try to escape the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  Instead of admitting their sinful state they try to dodge the issue, and try to find some way to escape the responsibility of their sin. Maybe they are in denial about their sin problem.  Or it might be that they blame someone else for their sins.  But the judgment of God on sin is inevitable and is not subject to change. There is no way around it; if you neglect the issue of your salvation, you will not escape Hell.

Even our pop culture has a fascination with the act of escaping. Escapologists, also called escape artists, are defined as “people who escape from restraints, or other traps such as handcuffs, straight-jackets, cages, coffins, steel boxes, barrels, bags, burning buildings, fish tanks and the sort.” Names from the past such as Harry Houdini and names from the present such as David Copperfield come to mind.  Both of these men are known for great feats of overcoming entrapment. But not all attempts were successful.  Back in 1984, David Copperfield was practicing an illusion where he was submerged in a water tank while shackled in handcuffs. Something did not go as planned, and he had to be rescued from the illusion. He was without oxygen for a period of about one minute and twenty seconds.  He was taken to a local hospital where it was determined that he had pulled tendons in his arms and legs. Obviously Mr. Copperfield was very lucky.  It was foolish for David to even put himself in that predicament. But even as foolish as it was, it is even more foolish to box yourself into a situation where you choose to be shackled in your sins.  And no matter how hard you work at it, you will not be able to escape on your own, and you will drown in the depths of your sins.  No one is going to be waiting on the outside to rescue you.  Remember, God brings judgment upon sin, and if you choose to stay in your sinful state, there is no escape.

Another thought comes to mind as I ponder the word “escape.” Hotels and business complexes will post up “fire escape routes” on the backs of doors to offer people alternate paths to take in case of fire. But this is not the case with the fires of Hell. There are no alternate fire escape routes. If you choose to die in your sins, there’s no way in which to avoid the flames of Hell. Someone might suggest that this is not fair. They will say, “God is love. How could He allow someone to eternally suffer in Hell?” But one must remember that everything about God is fair. The author of Hebrews prior to posing the question in our text confirmed the justice of God. In verse two he says that “every transgression and disobedience will receive a just penalty.” There is no injustice found in God. God hates sin and He cannot allow sin to go unpunished. Someone must pay the price for your sin. You can trust in Christ for salvation and allow Him to pay the price for your sin or you can choose to bear the penalty of your sin. But if you do, know this; there is no escape, and your penalty will be to burn in the flames of Hell for all eternity.  The only fire escape plan that will deliver you from the flames of Hell is posted on Jesus the door.  He is the only escape route. Take the steps of His escape plan today!

 – Pastor Eric


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