Garland Of Grace – 05.19.14


Pouring Concrete Rather Than Setting up Tent Pegs

“My kingdom is not of this world.  If My kingdom were of this world, then My servants would be fighting so that I would not be handed over to the Jews; but as it is, My kingdom is not of this realm.” – John 18:36

Jesus made it clear that He was not of this world.  But consider this verse in light of another verse penned by the apostle John.  In 1 John 2:15, we read the command “Do not love the world, nor the things in the world.” With these two passages of scripture sandwiched together in your mind, I pose a question. Where is your home?  Obviously I am not referring to your earthly physical address.  I am not even asking where you are originally from.  Once again, where is your home? You see, if you are a child of God, then this world is not your home. The Christian is an alien on this planet, only visiting for a season.  The Christian’s permanent residence is heaven!

With this glorious truth in mind, it is quite disturbing how many Christians seem to store up earthly treasures instead of heavenly treasures.  They put stock in the things of this world, rather than in heavenly things.  By doing so, they send a message that they are casually comfortable on planet earth and that the gaze of their heart and mind is fixed horizontally rather than vertically (Colossians 3:2).  Too many Christians are busy pouring concrete here on earth when they ought to only be setting up tent pegs.  It does the child of God good to conceive this biblical truth.  It will help them to have the right priorities, along with having the right value system.  Putting too much stock on earthly things clouds, distorts, and mutes the godly principle that we are “just visiting this planet.”  Don’t misunderstand me; I am not suggesting that Christians ought to live like a band of traveling hippies that are vagrant wanderers throughout life.  Nor am I suggesting that you ought to have the largest yard sale in world history.  What I am suggesting is that you and I ought not to get so attached to earthly things.  There is nothing wrong with building a house.  There is nothing wrong with a Christian owning a car.  For that matter, there is nothing wrong with a Christian having a bank account or even building up a retirement fund.   But these things ought not to be our goal.  They ought not to be our love.  Our goal is heaven, and our love is Jesus Christ.  Attachment is a good thing when associated with the right things, but attachment can act a barrier and hindrance in our service to the Lord if we are attached to things here upon this temporal dwelling place.

It seems like Christians have emulated the world’s ways when possessions are so important to them.  I like the things that my family and I have.  But they are simply on loan from God.  He owns everything I have, and I am only borrowing these things while I am traveling here on earth.  My treasure and reward is in heaven.  I am not attached to the things that I have.  I am not taking those things to heaven with me.

This issue covers much more than just your possessions; it is also your perspective.  You cannot have a love affair with the world and be a Christian at the same time.  You must daily see things through the binoculars of eternity and understand that you must make your roots in the things of God and not plant yourself into the temporal things of this earth; an earth that one day will burn up.  Why would you attach yourself and put stock in something that you know will not last?  That certainly would not be a wise investment. You ought to take time out this morning and ponder upon your investment portfolio.  What have you put your stock in?  Remember, you are not of this world!

 – Pastor Eric


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