Garland Of Grace – 02.06.14

MEM - 02.26.14

5 Years and 5 Truths; A Pastor’s Heart Expressed to His Church

Dear Grace Family,

Can you believe that we are celebrating five years as a church? What an amazing journey it has been!  God has been so good to the Grace family, and his blessings are overwhelming. His fingerprints are all over Grace’s storybook as His sovereign hand has lovingly turned each page. With this in mind, let me take a brief moment and share with you five truths to ponder as Grace celebrates five years.

  1. We find comfort in knowing that our Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
  2. God has graciously heaped our bucket with blessing after blessing; and His well will never run dry.
  3. Our Lord Has carried the Grace Family this far; He is not going to suddenly drop us now.
  4. Our goal must continue to be to glorify God in all things and for His will to be done.
  5. So glue your hands to the gospel plow and keep your eyes on the Lord!

I love you Grace,

Pastor Eric


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