Life Reflections – 10.02.13


Getting Ready for the Move!

Dear Grace Family,

Good morning! These are exciting days at Grace Baptist Church, and I am pleased to share with you some very important dates approaching in the life of our church.  Please keep in mind these dates are subject to change.  I met with the building committee last night and we were able to sketch out some target dates on the construction process along with the move to the new facility, and we feel we can now confidently share these tentative dates with the church congregation!

Based upon the pace the construction crew is working on, we believe our first Sunday at the new church will be Sunday morning, November 3rd. This would place our last Sunday in our current facilities as October 27th. Our goal is to begin moving our furniture and belongings on Monday Morning, October 28th. We would like to have everything emptied out by the end of October to respect and honor our landlords. They have been very gracious and loving to us since our inception as a church in February 2009! This means that our very last service in our current facility would be Wednesday night, October 30th. And guess what? It is going to be a very special service; very similar to our first service over four and a half years ago. By that point, the furniture will all be gone, and nothing will remain in our current building, so we are encouraging everyone to bring their lawn chairs as we finish everything out just like we started!   We are going to have a lawn chair service!  We will have one joint service that night for the entire church family, and make it a time of testimony and praise for the great things God has done for the Grace family. Also in the works will be a dedication service and an open house to the community.  These dates are not yet solidified, but they will be sometime in the month of November.

Once again, these dates are subject to change. There are many items pending such as building inspection etc.  But at least these dates will give our congregation a framework and a suggested timeline to ponder together.

Psalm 47:1,

Pastor Eric


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