Life Reflections – 12.18.12


The Sandy Hook Tragedy 

Dear Grace family,

Some of you might be wondering why Sunday during our worship services I did not mention anything about the Sandy Hook school shooting. I intentionally did not address it because I felt that it might be inappropriate with young children sitting in our services, and the fact that some parents have chosen to somewhat “shield” their children from the catastrophe (at least for now).  With that in mind, I wanted to respect parental decisions. To be sure, there will come a time when I will discuss Sandy Hook in greater detail (and obviously in light of Scripture). Christians must hold the Bible in one hand while holding a newspaper in the other. Current events must always be filtered by the light of Scripture. So I send out this thought to you as adults…please take time and read the following link below. It is an article penned by Dr. Albert Mohler. I found it to be quite helpful…

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