Life Reflections – 10.04.12

Letting Our Light Shine For the Glory Of God!

If you are part of the Grace family, by now you have heard a lot about our new outreach ministry “Grace 516.” It is based upon Matthew 5:16 when Jesus told His disciples that they are to let their light shine before men so that others may see their good works and glorify their Father who is in heaven. A few weeks ago, I took a Sunday night and shared with our people why I believe we need to do more to penetrate our community with the light of the Lord. After the service, there was a lot of buzz and excitement about implementing a ministry like Grace 516 into the tapestry of Grace Baptist church. Well let me just say this….I am excited that you are excited! The response has been tremendous, and it is obvious that the wheels are spinning in the hearts and minds of our congregation pondering upon ways we can be lights for the Lord in Henderson, Pinson, and our surrounding area.

You might be asking yourself, “What is Grace 516?”  Well to get the full grasp on what we want to do, Grace 516 is a practical way for our church family to demonstrate the gospel of Christ to our surrounding community.  If you are familiar with the term servant evangelism, than you know what I am describing. If you would like more information about servant evangelism, go to

On Sunday night, October 14th, I want to preach to you specifically on the text of Matthew 5:16, and glean spiritual principles that every believer can take and apply to their life. I share these things with you in advance so you can allow the Holy Spirit to till up the soil of your heart in preparation to receive God’s Word.


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