Life Reflections – 07.04.12

Keep A Watchful Eye On Where You Get Your Theology

Recently I have heard a few Christians make the statement that it should have been them that died on the cross instead of Jesus Christ. Though initially the suggestion sounds kind and sweet to the ear, in all actuality, it is a horrific statement.  No! It should not have been a sinful human on the cross. A sinful human could never atone for the sins of sinful man.  Only the sinless and spotless Lamb of God could do so. Playing the martyr and making such statements is carelessness with the gospel. Unfortunately this cliché has infiltrated our Christian culture through poorly written praise songs and erroneous bumper sticker theology. Oh that we would be more cautious with the gospel!  It should not have been you on the cross in place of Jesus; for you are a wretched sinner in need of a Savior, and your death on the cross would not satisfy nor pacify the wrath of God.  You would not be able to pay the price for my sins (or anyone else’s sins for that matter) because you are a sinner yourself.  Atonement for sin can only be made by the sacrificial offering of one who has never known sin, namely the spotless Lamb of God, Jesus the Christ. Therefore, I am glad it was not you or me on the cross, and I am so glad to have a Savior named Jesus!

 – Pastor Eric


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