Life Reflections – 03.08.12

Body Parts

This is my prayer; that my face radiates the inexpressible joy you have made available to me. I want to have calloused knees and a soft heart; not a calloused heart and soft knees.  Soften my heart each day with the oil and wine of your Holy Spirit. Make my heart pliable to yours, oh Lord.  Humble me daily by keeping me on my knees with my nose in your Word. Moisten my eyes with the tears of your glorious salvation.  Create in me a clean heart oh God.  Help me to have dirty hands and a clean heart rather than clean hands and a dirty heart.  I pray that my hands are instruments for the up-building of your kingdom. Therefore I stretch out my arms in service to you, oh Lord. Help me be watchful of where I take my feet. Help me guard my brain by filtering my thoughts and my meditations through your Word. Cover my ears from the attractive cries of temptation.  Shield my eyes from things that would dishonor you. Put a gate in front of my lips so I would not speak out of a sinful heart. Rather, let my words drip with your goodness in praise to you.


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