Life Reflections – 03.04.12

Vinegar And Honey

Oh the glorious contrasts found within the crucifixion of our Lord…He was arrested so we could be delivered.  He was placed on trial so we could be set free. He was stripped of His clothing; yet we are clothed in righteousness. He was wounded so that we might be healed.  He was punished so we could be pardoned. He was cursed so we would be blessed. He was rejected so we could be accepted. He was thirsty, so we could drink from the eternal wellspring of life. He was given vinegar; we are given the honey of God’s Word. He wore a crown of thorns so we could receive the crown of life.  He suffered so we could be comforted.  He faced darkness so we would know light. He was placed into the oven of God’s fury so we could bask in the warmth of God’s mercy.  He was forsaken so we could be forgiven.  He conquered death so that we might have eternal life.  He died for us; oh that we would live for Him! – Michael Eric Martin – 03.04.2012

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