Life Reflections – 01.24.12

We are approaching the 3rd anniversary of our first service as a church family.  For those present that day, I am sure we all remember the lawn chairs and the space heaters, but most importantly, we remember the excitement that filled our hearts as God called us together to form Grace Baptist Church.  But have you taken the time out to ponder what our great God has done for us in the past 35 months?  God blessed us with 10.6 acres of land located on a U.S. highway, a thoroughfare that serves as the primary transportation vein through our community; land which was paid off in only nine months. Then, through the sacrificial giving of the Grace family, we have seen a building fund accumulate to over $335,000.00 in just 20 months. And during the entire time, our church has gradually established itself within our community.  Many things have been put into place—a church constitution and by-laws, age graded Sunday school classes, an annual budget, along with staff positions.  God graciously provided tools for us such as a church bus, church furniture, sound equipment, and a cutting edge website, just to name a few.  In our first year, we immediately got the ball rolling to provide youth and children’s ministries.  Our church embarked on our first mission trip in 2010. In that same year, our newly established building committee presented architectural plans for our future facilities. Last year, Grace saw the men’s and women’s ministries of the church flourish.  And when you think of all these things, and ponder the fact that none of these were in existence 36 months ago, it is overwhelming.  All the glory must be given to God!

No doubt, There have been growing pains through the process, yet through it all God has guided our church during these infancy years. I am not sure we all knew at the beginning how much was involved in starting a church, but I pray we all now understand that the commitment level must be strong.  Think of the impact Grace Baptist will have on our present generation and generations to come. Be encouraged, and allow God to show you all that He has done for our flock in such a short time.  May we all be appreciative for His blessings, patient in His timing, yet persistent in His mission!


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