Life Reflections – 07.15.11

An Aquatic Theme

With the exception of my scripture reading in Ezra 6, my time with the Lord this morning has carried an aquatic theme of sorts.  For instance, Piper in “A Godward Life” expounded on Hebrews 6:18-20, pertaining to the unshakable doctrine of eternal security. Dr. John in his typical poetic fashion used vivid and descriptive imagery to help grasp this doctrinal truth. He says “The anchor is bound in heaven and secured in my soul. The rope does not dangle in my face and lie limp across the deck of my soul. God, by His Holy Spirit, takes up the rope and ties it to the little ship of my weak and vulnerable soul with unbreakable, sovereign covenant love.” In the great puritan Thomas Watson’s “Glorifying God” I read, “I was blessed with mercy. As the sea overflows and breaks down the banks, so the mercy of God broke down the banks of my sin, and mercy flowed sweetly into my soul.” Finally I read an entry in “The Valley of Vision” a collection of prayers by great Puritans of yesteryear. The particular prayer I read talked of being delivered by the hand of God from the “Red Sea” of the world. We have “deliverance” and “passage” provided by God who pushes back the waves of the world, providing sure and solid footing on the dry ground of God’s mercy.


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