Life Reflections – 05.23.11

A Mealtime Prayer

Eternal father, supplier of every need, and sustainer of all physical strength; we thank thee for this bounteous blessing spread before us.  May we not be presumptuous by assuming we deserve such a blessing, or that such a meal will perpetually be delivered to us.  Rather help us see this meal for what it truly is; manna from heaven.  We relish and cherish every morsel fed to us by your good hand.   But may it also be your good hand that pulls back our hand from committing the sin of gluttony.  We desire to make wise choices as we consume food for living, so help us understand that we eat to live, not live to eat.  Again, thank you for this generous portion from your garden, and above all, may we eat from it with a spirit of thanksgiving, and for your glory.  We pray this prayer in Jesus name, the true bread of life, Amen. – Michael Eric Martin, May 23, 2011

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