Life Reflections – 01.14.11

A Prayer of Repentance and Restoration

“Oh heavenly Father, ashamedly I have found myself in the dark seasons hiding from You and pitifully sewing fig leaves together as if You are not present and not aware of my sin.  But nothing escapes Your gaze, and You know everything about me, even my innermost thoughts and deeds.  I feel so worn out and spent from traveling alone out in the far country.  My clothes are tattered and torn from the winds of this world, and my garments are nothing but filthy rags.  Graciously clothe me in robes of righteousness just as the loving father did his prodigal child.  Place the ring of unmerited favor upon my hand.  Restore me with Your unwavering love by throwing a feast of forgiveness for me.  Give me solace and rest for my weary soul, and allow me to come home and drink from Your fountain of grace.  I submissively yield to Your heavenly paternal authority without protest. Purify me with hyssop, just as You did Your servant David. Commission me once more on the road of righteousness.  Plant my feet on solid ground and grant my feet traction upon any slippery slopes that might come my way.  As I travel the path You have mapped out for me, incline my heart to Your will.  May my ears be open to Your calling.  Open my eyes that I may see clearly.  Moisten my lips as I feast upon Your Word. Help me to taste and see that You alone are good.  I acknowledge that there is nothing about me or within me that is good apart from You.  I know that any evidence of goodness within the crevices of my life is only a direct reflection of Your good and gracious hand upon me.  Thank you for Your good and restoring hand upon my life.”

– Michael Eric Martin; 01.14.2011


One thought on “Life Reflections – 01.14.11

  1. So beautiful, Eric. I am amazed at the depth and beauty of your expression of love for the Lord. It makes me shout for joy to be a part of your life and share this passion. I love you so much. I also looked at the picture of the wrecked car and it brought back the same emotions.

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