Life Reflections – 01.31.10

The snow God gave us in the last few days developed into a teaching moment for my daughter.  In the hours prior to the snowfall, I told Aubrey that there was a great possibility that we would get some snow.  I then asked her to pray with me about it.  She led us in a prayer, a prayer that was a very simple request from the heart of a child wanting God to make it snow.  She went to bed that night with anticipation to see snow in the morning when she woke up.  The next morning, there still was no snow, and she sadly told me that God did not answer her prayer.  Now there was a lot that I could have said at that exact moment.  I could have explained to her that God answers every prayer, but sometimes the answer is no. Yet I felt that those words of instruction would be a little premature within the developmental process of the teaching moment.  Snow was definitely on the way, and according to the weather channel, it was about one hour out.  So she patiently waited as she periodically looked out the window.  When it finally started snowing, I pointed it out to her.  Her face lit up, and the first words out of her mouth, were “God answered our prayer daddy!”  If that does not melt your heart, nothing will.  I then explained to her that even if God had not allowed snow, He would have still answered us, but the answer would have been “no.”  We prayed again and thanked God for the snow.


2 thoughts on “Life Reflections – 01.31.10

  1. I so relate to that. I was a little bit older but asked God to move us from Canada back to the US so I could be with my childhood sweetheart. God indeed answers prayer! After a year or so, we moved back to Maryland. (Normally a tour of duty in the military is three years).

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