Life Reflections – 01.16.10

Last night, Sarah and I celebrated our ninth anniversary of marriage.  We were married on January 6, 2001, but because of last week’s trip to Louisville for a seminary class, we chose to celebrate it last night.  We went to the same restaurant as last year, and ate at Coletta’s Italian Restaurant, our favorite.  We then drove to the Clark Tower and went to the 33rd floor and got a glimpse of a Memphis night from high above.  The lights were absolutely amazing.  Sarah and I will never forget that moment.  And we could not leave the Clark Tower area without getting some Gibson’s Doughnuts for breakfast in the morning.  From there, we continued down Poplar Avenue and went to a Starbucks to get Sarah some coffee. We walked across the street to Bookstar and picked up the Alabama National Championship Sports Illustrated edition.  We continued down Poplar and went in to the downtown district, and parked at a garage so that we could visit the Peabody Hotel.  Sarah also wanted to walk down Beale Street, so we did.  It was pretty in the sense of the “night lights” but repulsive pertaining to the “night life.”  We headed back to Hickory Withe to pick up the kids.  It was the best anniversary date we have on record in my opinion.  I will have to beat it next year.

2 thoughts on “Life Reflections – 01.16.10

  1. I agree it was a wonderful date .. just think you have a whole year to think of a way to top this year!!! Beale Street was very creepy to me I don’t think I want to go back…

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