Life Reflections – 12.07.09

During the first full week of January, I will be in Louisville, Kentucky taking a required seminary class that is only availiable on the main campus up there.  It is not part of the extension program in Jackson.  The title of the class is “Family Ministry.”  I am attempting to get a head start, and I have already begun reading one of my textbooks, “Apparent Privilege” by Steve Wright.  It is based on Psalm 78:6 “That the next generation might know…”  I am only on page 41, but it is evident that it ought to be read by every Christian parent.  I met Steve Wright, the author, one day in April of 1997 when he was serving at Roebuck Park Baptist Church in Birmingham.  I was just a Junior at Union University studying youth ministry at the time.  My college roomate told me that I needed to meet his youth minister back home in Birmingham.  So I did.  Over lunch that day, I heard Steve’s heartbeat about student ministry and reaching teens for Christ.  I heard his concern for the lack of involvement on the parent’s part in relation to their children’s lives.  And twelve years later, his passion has not changed. One thing that he has already expressed in this book is the fact that it is not the church’s job to raise your child, it is your job as a parent!  Fulfill your God called respponsibility and be a parent to your children!  They need you to do that for them.


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