02.16.16 – HP Scanner

HP_Deskjet_F4280_All-in-One_Printer,_Scanner,_Copier_(CB656A)Spiritual Lessons From A Defunct HP Scanner

“For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you have need again for someone to teach you the elementary principles of the oracles of God, and you have come to need milk and not solid food.” – Hebrews 5:12

Years ago, I purchased an HP scanner.  Over time, Sarah and I had gradually collected shoeboxes full of old family photos and we wanted to scan them into our computer to preserve them in a digital format.  When I got home from the store, I quickly went into the house with my new toy and began haphazardly setting it up.  In my hastiness, I never really took the time to read the instructions.  I wish I had; for this scanner was more than just a scanner.  It also offered features such as printing and copying. But out a blinding arrogance, I suppose I felt that I had the machine all figured out before it had even been taken out of the box.  Honestly, I’m not even sure what happened to the instructions.  They probably ended up in the trash amidst the empty box, the styrofoam inserts, and the endless bubble wrap.  The scanner lasted about 3 years. Through its entire lifespan, I never really did learn how to use it properly. I figured out the scanning, but I never took the time out to learn how to make a copy or to use it as a printer.

You might be asking, “What’s the point?” My point is simply this; I never used the machine to its fullest potential.  I was simply using one of its many features.  I was limited on my knowledge about it because I never read the instruction manual.  May I suggest to you that the Word of God can be seen in the same light? The Bible is God’s “instruction manual” to His children.  We are to read it with eagerness and anticipation so that we can be used for the glory of God to our fullest potential; for doing so will help us grow spiritually and help us progressively move past the elementary truths and embrace the deeper truths of the Christian faith.  Allow me to illustrate; it would be a sad thing for a five year old child to be still sucking out of a bottle only because he had never graduated to solid food. Yet this accurately depicts the spiritual maturity of many born again believers. They are spiritual infants sipping on milk, and have not progressed towards the more solid meats found on the buffet of God’s Word. Such malnutrition should not surprise us; for nothing is new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9).  Even the author of Hebrews addressed a similar problem to the early Christians in our text above. Time had taken its course in the life of the early church, and yet there was still a plethora of believers that were not developing spiritually as they ought to have been.  He lovingly confronts them with his convicting illustration about the milk and the meat.

Many Christians respond to the Bible like I did the HP scanner. They are satisfied with a limited amount of knowledge simply to “get by” or “get out” of it what they want. They confine their spiritual potential by sipping on spiritual milk through the straw of lethargy, and have yet to pick up the fork of maturity to feed upon the meat offered by God on the banqueting table of the Bible. You may feel that you can’t afford to give up time out of your busy schedule to thoroughly feast upon the Bible.  But in reality, you can’t afford not to. Remember, I didn’t see the value in taking the time to read the scanner’s instructions, and sadly it was never used to its fullest potential.  Don’t let that be the story of your life.  Know this; if you take the time out to daily read God’s Word, you will joyously find that it provides a wellspring of wisdom about living out the Christian faith.  Oh and by the way; the next time you buy something that comes with instructions, take the time out to read them.


33 thoughts on “02.16.16 – HP Scanner

  1. This reminds me how I need to read the Bible more and look for answers there. So many times we try to fix things by ourselves and we just make a mess out of it. We need to slow down and look for God to guide us.

  2. Sometimes we don’t pay attention to details, stuff like instructions. We don’t need to do that with the Bible. While reading the Bible we need to pay very close attention to everything God is saying.

  3. sometimes when God has called us to do something great for Him, we choose to go our own way and be like you was with the printer thingy,
    we don’t live our life out as God called us to, to our fullest potential.

  4. I think I tend to forget that the Bible is God’s “instruction manual” and I just try to get done really quick with the word of God just to be done with it. When really I should be taking my time on His word and savoring every bit of it.

  5. I always like the analogy of christians needing to grow and wean off milk. I see so many christrans who are complacent and don’t try to grow. This is dangerous because those who are spiritual babies will have a tough time standing up in this evil world.

  6. This is really insightful, we just purchase an item, toss the manual(s), and we cannot know the full potential. We need to train ourselves to become more mature and to be able to learn and grow more through the instructions God.

  7. People including myself tend to forget that every single detail every word of the Bible is important. It is our instruction manual and I just read it to say I did it and get it done with it but I need to pay more attention to every detail.

  8. I like the comparison of not reading instructions. Sometimes people read things they want to hear and disregard other things. Some also read a little and think they understand everything about the Bible. We think we don’t have enough time to read our bible, but we actually do most of the time. Thanks for the message Mr. Martin! 😀

  9. We should all take time to truly read and grasp the understanding of God’s Word. We feel as if we can survive on a few scraps and passages of the Bible; however, we need to search every crevice of the Bible. We call ourselves Christians; therefore, we should love Christ our Savior and learn more about Him each day by reading the Bible.

  10. God provides every instruction in the Bible. He has his perfect plan for everything but some do not want to go the extra mile to receive/understand it. We should no longer just want to get by, but show a true fire for Him.

  11. I have, many times, done something or tried to make something without the instructions. Most of those things either broke the next day or weren’t used like they were supposed to. We truly do not need to let that be the story of our life. We do not need to go our whole life living it wrongly. God gave us the Bible as instructions in our life, so we must not let it go to waste like other instructions.

  12. Getting to the bulk of the Bible is the most fulfilling thing. When I was a young Christian I had NO idea how much I could really gain from Scripture. I pray everyday that I can gain and learn more from Gods word.

  13. Reading the instructions is always important, but many people just skip over them. As Christains, we should want to read the Bible and see all of God’s instructions for our everyday lives.

  14. We really do have a tendency to think we can do everything on our own. In our arrogance we toss aside Gods guidance and we go astray. We should strive to stay planted in the Word to stay on the right track.

  15. It’s easy to want to do everything your own way, but our way is flawed. Gods way is not. Gods way is perfect, and not following it is a terrible Idea. But I do it anyway.

  16. It’s our duty as Christians to continue to grow in our walks with the Lord. God has called us to a relationship that goes deeper than just the surface level easy stuff.

  17. Often times most of my problems could be easily solved by simply taking a step back and reading the instructions. If I would take the time to step back and let God instruct me I would benefit greatly.

  18. It is easy to overlook the bible and do our own thing. As humans, we are flawed and we think we know exactly what we are doing when we clearly don’t. God has a plan and it’s easy to forget that. The Bible has given instructions to help us, but sometimes we stray off and forget how much potential we really have.

  19. Sometimes in life we need to look back and contemplate what we should do. God has a plan laid out for us but we can change that if we would sometimes sit back and see what we should do. God wants us to love Him and love Him. If we could only love Him and do His will, we would be a lot better off.

  20. This is something that makes me angry in general. When I see somebody with so much potential not just in their spiritual lives but also when it comes to school or work they slack off when they could become something so much more.

  21. We tend to ignore God’s Word and forget how important it is. But God’s Word is the foundation of
    Christianity and we shouldn’t ignore it. Every word in the Bible is true and we should walk accordingly to His Word.

  22. I love this analogy. We forget how important and vital the Bible is. To help us understand we have the Bible, but at times we toss it aside and try to do things ourselves. We should take time out of everyday to read our “instructions”. Don’t let the Bible go to waste and seek it to it’s full potential.

  23. I agree that we should take time to read and absorb God’s word. If we don’t, we will be “infants” forever. We should want to grow in God’s word. If we don’t, we will always be “infant” Christians.

  24. We should always read the instructions and try our best to follow them with our imperfections. As Christians, we should strive to read the Word of God, for God created us not because he needed us but because he wanted us.

  25. It is soooo important for us to daily to read God’s word and read it to its full potential that God has given it to us for not to read it to get what we want and then just let it lay there for a while! Sometimes we go through our busy schedule and never take the time to read our bibles
    and then we do not live up to our full potential in life if we do not feed our relationship with Christ daily! 😃

  26. This is really true. Some people including myself,tend to read enough or learn enough about the Bible to get by and that isn’t the right attitude at all. I really needed to be reminded that every part of the Bible is important. We should use our Bibles to their full potential instead of just “knowing enough”

  27. As Christians we often forget to read Gods word and to study it.when we forget ,we aren’t giving God all our attention and we’re not using Gods word to its fullest in our lives.we should always want to spend time with God and never overlook it to do things we think are more important .

  28. Sometimes people are just to lazy to read the instructions. God gave us the Bible for a reason. Our Bibles shouldn’t be collecting dust on our dressers. We should opens and read our Bibles every day/night. If we skip a night or two God knows why.

  29. I struggle too with cutting myself slack and making things easy for myself. However God calls us to study His word and to grow stronger in our relationships with Him.

  30. (Sorry this is late) We all skip over things and miss the importance of the instructions, book, ect. We should pay attention to every part of it and maybe learn something amazing.

  31. so many people buy something and then either skim the instructions or don’t even read them at all, and the lose them or throw them away.we dont need to do this with the bible. we need to listen and understand God’s instructions.

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